Streetwear Color Rich Ultramoist Lipstick – Crisp Caramel

Streetwear Color Rich Ultramoist Lipstick – Crisp Caramel

Hey everyone,

After seeing some amazing reviews on this cute looking lipsticks on IMBB I wanted to try at least one shade from this range. Surprisingly I had never tried any lipsticks from the brand until now so was looking forward to try this one, let’s get more into the details.

Price– INR 180

My Experience with Streetwear Color Rich Ultramoist Lipstick-Crisp Caramel:

The packaging is just so cute and different; it really makes these lipsticks stand out 😀 It comes in a simple plastic case with different girl toon faces. The cap is transparent from top and shuts well. Although I do not find it very sturdy as the bullet does not go in completely and hence it needs to be handled with care every time or else the cap can easily hit the bullet! The lipstick has a very faint sweet vanilla fragrance to it which fades quickly.



The color crisp caramel looks like a medium rusty brown color in the bullet but when swatched it translates to a beautiful peachy color with some brown undertones to it. With a single swipe the color looks peach and when layered it leans more towards orange. The color is simply gorgeous and hard to find at this price! It will flatter all skin tones well and is really easy to wear even for every day; I like how it brightens up the face in a subtle way. On lighter skin tones it will appear more orange and on darker skin tones it would be a great peachy nude. If you are looking for a very subtle orange lipstick then this can be your safe bet! The color is free of any shimmers and has a semi matte finish.


The lipstick glides easily on lips since it has a semi matte finish it does highlight dry patches. But otherwise it feels comfortable on lips. It settles into lines quite a bit and highlights them especially when more than 2 swipes are applied, exfoliating beforehand and using a lip balm underneath certainly helps there especially for dry lips since it is not very creamy.


The pigmentation is average two to three swipes are required to get opaque color payoff, but pigmented lips may need to layer it even more to cover the pigmentation on lips completely, but it does not look patchy. On its own it stays for around 3-4 hours and fades evenly, without leaving behind any stain since it’s a lighter shade and does not transfer much.In all the color itself is definitely the highlight here, but considering the price point it fares well and I really recommend this particular shade to everyone.

Pros of Streetwear Color Rich Ultramoist Lipstick-Crisp Caramel:

• Beautiful color.
• Smooth texture.
• Buildable pigmentation.
• Does not dry out lips.
• Does not transfer much.
• Inexpensive and easily available.



Cons of Streetwear Color Rich Ultramoist Lipstick-Crisp Caramel:

• Not very moisturizing especially for dry lips.
• Pigmented lips may need to layer it more.
• Can highlight dry patches on lips.
• Tends to settle a lot into fine lines.
• Not very long lasting.
• Packaging is not very sturdy.

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