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Nothing can beat a great pair of shoes when it comes to making a style statement. Being a compulsive shoe hoarder I am forever in a hunt for great pair of shoes. As anyone who loves shoes just the way I do knows what they can do to you personality and confidence. Ok, enough blabbering. STOP. What I am trying to say is that it it always nice to have a pair or two of really nice shoes to nail the show.

One such shoe that can really make a difference is OXFORD. Oxford shoes present a classic and an effortlessly personalized style both for men and women.

An oxford shoe is a classic leather shoe with a body that comes up no higher than the ankle and laces up over the instep. The oxford shoe has round front toes with a cap. In addition the oxford shoe is recognizable by its closed lacing.

Unlike yesteryears, when these shoes had a very basic plain and formal design, Oxford shoes are now available in wide range of designs and materials to complement both casual and formal dresses. The word is derived from the Oxonian, a half-boot with side slits that gained popularity at Oxford University in 1800.

Cap-Toe Oxford and Wing-Tip Oxford are the most popular styles of Oxford shoes. The cap-toe is the most popular of all the business shoe styles for men. It looks best when worn with the more serious suit fabrics and styles. Whereas Wing-Tip Oxford, due to its texture and heft looks best with the more textured and heavier fabrics like tweed. Yet another type Plain-toe Oxford, is suitable for all business settings.

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When considering an oxford-style shoe, you should not be able to tie the laces so tightly that the two edges of the shoe meet. If you can, then a narrower size is probably better for you.

Few years back Oxford shoes were designed for males only but, these days with more ornamentation, designer colours and taller heels they are making a headway into women wardrobes as well. They are a classic replacement for fall’s flats, ballerinas or high heels. They are incredibly comfortable and add that edgy look to the entire look.

One can say that oxfords are wardrobe multi-taskers as they look great with or without socks, skinny jeans or cropped pants, skirts, dresses, shorts capries etc. Another great thing about these shoes are that they are available at every price point. So go ahead choose a pocket friendly pair for yourself and make a comfortable style statement wherever you go.

Shoe Care Tips

• Invest in a good shoe shine keeping in mind the texture of your shoe (leather, suede etc) if you want your shoes to stay with you for long.
• Use a suede eraser to rub away spots from your suede shoes. Then use a suede brush to restore the nap, or fuzz, of the leather.
• Make sure to use an oil based shoe polish on your leather shoes. It nurtures the leather and keeps the leather flexible.

Put a little time and effort when you go out to get a pair for yourself. Do not fall into the trap of cheap shoes, they are a false bargain. Get yourself a pair of high-quality shoes and tell me if you don’t get compliments.
oxford shoes
So girls would you ditch your high heels and ballet flats in favour of these comfortable new shoes?

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13 thoughts on “Style Statement: Oxford Shoes

  1. Oh these are my absolute faves after peep toes( somehow my love for peeptoes never seems to end). I have a pair of tan oxford shoes and I must say they are “The Bomb”! So much more comfortable yet trendier than high heels.

  2. dont own one.. but man they are so stylish and its interesting to see that you can pair them up with trousers, skirts, dresses..even formal trousers..pretty coooool..

  3. im in luv wid oxfords/ brogues…have 4 pairs….plan to buy more…its great if u luv androgynous style or just want to give a bit of edge to ur feminine dresses:)

  4. These look so awesome! I have seen lots of women wear it around here, but they are all nice n thin n tall.. do you think someone who is short and sort of fluffy ( i am sooo not calling me fat fat :P) can pull these off?

  5. Very Nice Article Era… I have a pair of Oxford shoes… I love them But don’t get to wear it much as my husband feels they look like guy’s shoes… He even suggested me to give them to our maid, can you belive that 🙁

    I surely going to show your article to him… Thanks for such nice writeup Era 🙂

  6. i have a piar of black and tan oxfords. totally love them . i pair them with just every possible outfit i can find. 🙂 great post era 🙂

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