Heels: Different Types of Shoes


I am going through a shoe obsession phase and searching for cute shoes. I was going mad reading shoe blogs. So I became really curious to know more about different types of shoes. And I thought there would be many other girls on IMBB who would like to know more about different types of heels and different types of shoes. There are gazillions of types of shoes out there.

The importance of right shoes was alien to me like 4 months ago. But after being gifted with a pair of high heels, I started to finally appreciate how important shoes are. How one can bring a whole outfit together and change the entire look by switching shoes and most importantly how wearing the right shoes can make one feel confident and ladylike.

To know about different types of shoes, first we need to know different types of heels.

* Stiletto heels:

Image source

They are long, thin and can have height from 2inches to 10 inches. They make the wearer’s legs look more toned, sculpted and makes them look taller.

* Kitten heels:

Kitten heels

Image source

These are heels that have height from 1.5 inches o 2 inches, and they are most common on sandals. They give the glamour of high-heels without adding the extra height, so it is mostly preferred by tall women.

* Cone heels:

Cone Heels

Image source

They are round heels that are broader at the sole of the shoes but gets narrower as they go down. It can have varied heel heights.

* Prism heels:

Prism Heels

Image source

They have three sides and thus form a triangle of a heel. They are very uncommon nowadays.

* Spool heels:

Spool Heels

Image source

Spool heels are broad at the soles, then gets narrower near the middle and again thickens as it nears ground.

* Wedge heels:

Wedge heels

Image source

Wedge heels are not a single piece but run from the front of the sandals to back, but it will be thicker at the heels and narrower at the toes.


The basic classification is casual shoes and dress shoes. But now the lines are fading between these according to specific peoples comfort zones. The following types are classified as high heels, flats and can be include in both.


These are generally shoes with heels of length over 2 inches. There are so many types amongst high heels itself. Most women prefer high heels over flats as they can make you look more elegant. They have heels of all kinds- stilettos, kitten heels, cone heels, spool heels and everything mentioned above. So the different type’s high heeled shoes are:

Image source

They are shoes with low cut front, pointed toes either rounded or pointed, and heels of minimum 2 inches, and frankly my favorite kind. These are considered to be dress shoes.

Sling backs:

SLing Backs
It is similar to pumps, in having heels over 2inches and rounded or pointed toes, but the back part isn’t completely covered but instead there is a strap the crosses over the heel, leaving the rest of the heels showing. I think this is THE most common type of high heels seen in India.

* Wedge sandals:

Wedge Sandals
Image source

Wedge sandals are shoes that give the comfort of wearing flats, but give the height and glamour of wearing high-heels. They are known so because they have wedge heels specifically. It is generally preferred in summer seasons. They are commonly strappy and available in fun, bright colors.


* Flip-flops:

FLip FLops


Image source  image source2

They are comfortable outdoor shoes made of rubbery material and has a Y shaped strap between the big toe and the rest of the toes. They do not have ankle straps. They are used when going to beach or generally in summer. But there is more sophisticated and dressy version of the same available in the market.

* Sneakers:



Sneakers are common use shoes, very comfortable and convenient. It is unisex. It is used as running shoes. They are made of canvas or leather. It was once considered athletic shoes but now is used as casual shoes. There is also high heels version of sneakers available in the market called sneaker pumps, but it is not that commonly used.

* Espadrilles:

Image source

They are comfort wear and are made of cotton or canvas fabric and have flexible soles. They are used as bedroom slippers mainly but are also used as running shoes in some countries, instead of sneakers. It is unisex.

* Mary Jane shoes

Mary Jane Shoes
Mary Jane’s are the US name for the general school shoes with closed toe, low or no heels and a strap and usually seen in black color worn by school going girls. It is considered formal when worn by smaller girls but informal when worn by older women.

* Ballet flats

Ballet Flats
Image source

These are true to its name and is very similar to a ballerina’s slippers-close toed, no heels, made of flexible and sturdy material. Now it has become major fashion again.

3. Shoes with high/low heels:

* Mules:

Mules are close-toed and backless and may have low or high heels, but usually the heels are chunky. In my region it is mostly worn by Muslim women who wear “Pardha”.

* Boots:

Image source1

Boots type footwear usually extends past the ankle and sometimes may reach up to the thighs. They do have heels- when worn fashionably it has stiletto heels generally, but when worn for protection from snow, water, mud etc. they have low heels. They are used by common people more for their functionality than for fashion nowadays.

* Platform shoes:

Image source

Platform shoes are shoes with thick soles. It has been in existence from the ancient times. But the time it became most popular was during the 1990’s spice girl’s time. They popularized the Lucite platform shoes, that have platform soles AND stiletto heels. They are used by both men and women.

* Sandals:

Image source

They are outdoor shoes used in places with humid climate or generally in summer season. The soles of the shoes are strapped to the wearer’s foot by straps generally over the feet and around the ankle. They have both low heels and high heels and are used because it helps keep the feet cool and dry.

Now the pictures of my favorite shoes as of now:

The first one is my comfy shoes:

I love this one because it goes with all my outfits;

This one is the one that started everything; the one I got as a gift:


And the last one is the newest one in the collection; just bought it on Friday:



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  1. Wow… That’s a gr8 post Fathima… :-*

    Looovved your collection too… Good variety… :yes: :yes:

    My favourites are flip-flops, ballerinas and platforms… 😀 😀

    Can’t wear high heels.. Get a sharp pain in the heel whenever i do..Doctor advised me to stay away from heels all my life… 😥 😥 😥
    .-= Mrunmayee´s last blog ..Grand giveaway at IMBB!!!! =-.

  2. Hey Fathima,

    Great and informative post. Loved it.I am a great shoe/sandal lover and love to wear high heals (Stiletto’s) evryday. Gosh!!as I am writing I am going thru my shoes collection and falling in love with it again. Great!!

    1. I really want stilettos…..but my parents aint ready to see me in those yet! :rotfl: they will go {god forbid} all teary…and say their little pathu has grown up so fast wearing stilletos!! god I am not ready for DAT! :-))
      .-= fathima´s last blog ..Old Makeup ads!!! =-.

  3. hi fathima enjoyed reading the post yes i liked ur collection.
    my favourite is the wedge heels i find them very comfy…also the stiletto are mua…….ah :-*

  4. I love my flats and ballerinas. Infact used to wear a lot of kolapuris. Still keep buying them.

    Nice comfortable collection you have. 🙂

  5. Nice post there!! I love high heels..my soles are always 4 inches above the ground :chic: ..but cant wear stilettos or pumps (Kolkata’s roads are famous for their bumps and dumps :laugh: )..I once read an article on how high heels escalate the feminine aura (if and only if one doesnt trip n fall head first with them !)

    1. I wanna try higher heels….haven’t gone higher than 2 inches !!! scared i might get a fear of height!! LOL!!! yeah wearing high heels would improve the femininity of a gal if she has enough balance to not fall from it and break her spine!
      .-= fathima´s last blog ..Old Makeup ads!!! =-.

  6. i was about to write about diff shoes myself 😛
    im crazyyy about shoes !! specially heels,gladiators & ballerinas :laugh:

  7. Hey Pathu, you have got my kind of shoes….I like medium heeled shoes….I am great fan of flip-flops…I think they are cool and nobody gives you strange looks if you wear them anywhere 🙂 :-))

  8. nice post darling…!!! little baby taking her first steps towards adolescence…hmmmmm.. 😉 😉 😉

    me looooveee heels.. and good news is my doc says i can start wearing them but will have to start with 1-1.5 inches only..!!! and i so want to show you my collection i’m sure you will love it.. can you believe i have a 7-7.5 inch heel and i wore that on my mum n dads 25th anniversary and i danced like crazy in those heels and i was still comfortable..lol…yeah that’s how much i love my heels..!!

    1. :hugleft: :hugright: :hugleft: :hugright:

      mwaaah…!! everything in my life is happening at lightning fast speed.. im just soooo happyyy..!!! God has listened to the blessings and prayers you beautiful ladies had offered him and my life is back on track and at a very happy track at that..!!!

      The ritual of logging in once a day at IMBB is still on but i do miss the gossiping and chatter that you girls churn out everyday..!!

      And i have noticed that the IMBB Gossip Girls are growing in no.s.. god bless and will soon join in the gossiping and leg pullling!!

      1. Dont worry!! you spent enough time online b4 that you have earned to spent aaaaa loooooot of time outdoors…. :-* :-* :-* :-* but still missing you like crazzy! :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush:
        .-= fathima´s last blog ..Makeup Blunders =-.

  9. Nice Post Fathima, I enjoyed looking at all the shoes, I love shoes, my single biggest obsession, I used to wear heels alot to work, now its flats, flats and more flats , I want a pair of boots someday, only in Mumbai’s climate I know ill never get to wear them 😕

  10. OMG!! I love you! I’ve been searching the net since soo long for this kind of info. I dont know but suddenly i’ve become crazy about shoes and wanted to know EVERYTHING there is to know about them:)

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