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Veda Asks

Hi IMBB beauties,

I got a Rs.5000/- gift voucher for the valentine’s day & like anyone here I want to spend it on makeup. I am planning for the entire makeover, so please help me with my shopping.

I have a normal to oily combination skin with very light dark circles & open pores. I have uneven skin tone(wheatish to fair) & I have slightly high cheek bones.

Please mix & match from brands like Mac, Maxfactor, Maybeline, Chambor, Oriflame, Lakme, Bourjois, revlon. Like if you have Rs.5000/- in hand & you want the entire makeup makeover what will you buy/suggest?

Note: Foundation / eyeshadow is not a regular thing with me now, its like 3-5 times a month.

1.Primer / Base – (i never had this)
2.Foundation – (i was using Maybelline one from Uk & its not available here.)
3.Concealer – (never required this till now)
4.Eyeshadow – (have a green pallete from Oriflame)
5.Blush – never used one
6.Eyeliner – (have Lakme eye artist, Oriflame Stylo in green & brown, Lakme liquid liner)
7.Mascara – (have colorbar duo)
8.Lipstick – (have few in pinks & browns, want some more)
9.Brushes – (i have Revlon travel set gifted, been 2 years so want a change it,

I know I am asking too many for 5000/-khikhikhi..


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24 thoughts on “Suggestions for Makeup Shopping : Ask IMBB

  1. 1.Primer / Base – Try Oriflame Giordani Gold make-up base (March its on offer for 650)
    2.Foundation – MAC studio tech (costly) or Revlon Colorstay (matte and really best for coverage around 700)
    3.Concealer – (MAC prolong wear)
    4.Eyeshadow – (try NYX 10 e/s Palette its around 900)
    5.Blush – (Maxfactor miracle touch cream blush for dewy finish around 500)
    6.Eyeliner – (MAC fluidline gel liner around 1000)
    7.Mascara – (Avon superextend around 300)
    8.Lipstick – (try Oriflame Hydracolour)
    9.Brushes – (MAC 217 is must for e/s…around 1200)

    Just suggestion…..mix n match with what you like…..I know it does not add upto 5000….so just omit few 😀
    hope this helps

  2. 1.Primer / Base – Maybelline
    2.Foundation – Lakme invisible, Revlon colorstay
    3.Concealer – Bourjois and revlon make concealers. Pick one acc to your skintone
    4.Eyeshadow – if you cna bourjois smokey eye palette is fantastic. you may pick the brown one for everyday use.
    5.Blush – Colorbar, lakme , maybelline mouse, maybelline expert wear.
    6.Eyeliner – (Lakme 9-5 liners and colorbar i glide are fab
    7.Mascara – (have colorbar duo)
    8.Lipstick – Check out shades from revlon colorburst and maybelline color sensational. Lakme lip love lipsticks are also nice.
    9.Brushes : bourjois makes some cute face brushes. no idea about eye makeup brushes in drugstore brands. :((

      1. Rati, :thanks: so much…
        my system crashed yesterday….i waas typing a comment in IMBB…& there was a biiiiigggggggg sound & my system was gone…. :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: …i logged in from my husbands laptop….i wish i can login from his LT until i get a new one…. :pain:

  3. 1.Primer / Base – i just bought dis primer from oriflame n find it decent.
    2.Foundation – invest in a gud 1… mac studio fix, since u have oily skin
    3.Concealer – i have elizabeth arden s concealer n find it fab
    4.Eyeshadow – u shud try inglot s customised palettes
    5.Blush – try colorbars podwer blushes, i think thy r running a 15% disct too
    6.Eyeliner – i use lancome s eye liner desgn which is a felt tip one, since am a begginer.
    7.Mascara – i use maybelline s XXL volume mascara. but i doubt it is available In India. u can try thr colosal volume too.
    8.Lipstick – i really dnt wear / own thm…
    9.Brushes – I have two brushes, foundation & blush brush bboth from vega, thy quality is just ok. I have heard grt revs. abt mac brushes..

  4. Veda………………….I think you should try Oriflame’s primer….rest of it….all the gurus will guide you here……………. :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance:

  5. Eyeliner – Maybelline gel liner? It looked super dark black and the Loreal gel liner – brown – it’s very beautiful – is not plain has some golden tint to it and it’s really really pretty.

    1. hi..i use the same one too..but if i want a thicker line shud I be opting for Colorbar perhaps..this lady in my office was wearing Elle 18 and that looked good too..what wud you, Rati or anyone on this list recommend?

  6. MAC Foundation – go there and SWATCH SWATCH AND SWATCH till you find your right match. Buy a good blush, this is even more imp than e/s which you can skip, try maybelline, loreal, Bourjois, INGLOT or MAC. Get a gel liner like MAC, Maybelline or Loreal in black and brown, Maybelline or INGLOT mascara, bourjois lipsticks/lipcremes, or even INGLOT… 😀 😀 😀 pick 3-4 must have items and focus on them…like 1 awesome lipstick, 1 awesome foundation, 1 blush types

  7. Hi Veda,
    If you invest in a MAC foundation. it’ll take up a sizeable chunk of the 5000. If you are very keen on MAC, go for MAC or else go for Revlon, Maxfactor or Bourjois.
    Primer- I’ve only tried MAC but I use it very rarely. Haven’t used in enough to recommend.
    Foundation- MAC (higher end), Revlon Colorstay/Maxfactor/Bourjois
    Blush- Colorbar (Just Earth and Fuchsia @ Rs 250 each)- good quality at very affordable price. It also has 15% off right now.
    Eye pencils- Bourjois Kohl n Contour(Rs 240 each), Chambor dazzle( Rs 445) , Colorbar I-glide (Rs 325)
    Lipstick- Chambor Silk Touch/Powder matte, Revlon Colorburst, Superlustrous,Matte, Maybelline Color sensational, Moisture Extreme.
    Eyeshadow- A basic one with browns/gold/copper – Revlon colorstay
    Eye liner- Maybelline gel liner
    Brush- i use Vega blush brush and faces eye shadow brush. They are cheap and not the best but they work fine for me.

  8. Primer / Base – maybelline
    2.Foundation – loreal true match, chambor 3-in-1 palette
    3.Concealer – no idea!!!
    4.Eyeshadow – coastal scents, revlon eye shadow brick tht consists of 4 shades(it is awesome!!!)
    5.Blush – VOV blush palette(i have it) or maybelline
    6.Eyeliner – chambor, maybelline
    7.Mascara – maybelline colossal xpress volum. it is awesome!
    8.Lipstick – maybelline, chambor
    9.Brushes-Vega brushes. they are not costly and a set of 8-9 brushes is for rs390 or something. the brushes are very good for the price you pay!!

  9. Maybelline seems to be a popular choice for eyeliner (which I am using as well now :whistle: ) but i am constantly looking for an eyeliner for some reason and thats becos i see many women wear their eyeliner pretty thick and they look pretty nice too..well defined and they bring out the there another eyeliner I shud be using if i want it to be a slightly thicker line?

    I have heard good things about Elle 18..have any of you tried it?

  10. Hi,
    I am hve been following ur blog past few days and must say very good suggestions u gals come up with. :):)
    I m looking for blush which has shimmer in it for evening wear and goes on ethnic outfits.
    I already hve NYX rouge in Glow and Maybelline Apricot Flush.
    Galz pls suggest.

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