Taupe Brown and Gray Smokey Eyes with Double Winged Liner Tutorial

Taupe Brown and Gray Smokey eyes with Double Winged Liner Tutorial

Hello Beauties,

Lately I have been a bit busy with work, so when I got sometime free my hands started itching to write something for IMBB. I thought of doing what I do comfortably, that is product review but then this idea of doing a tutorial stuck to me. I must confess here that before IMBB I never ever tried my hands on eye shadow or any kind of makeup for that matter, except lipsticks . 🙂  But after reading the tutorials here on IMBB, I gathered the courage to take out the eye shadow palettes I got as gift for my wedding and I tried creating different looks. Now I feel I have really came a long way, I might not be a pro, still I have improved a lot from what I was with eye shadow application 6 months back.

Okay I stop my blabbing here and let’s get started with the tutorial. I have used most of the products from Faces Smokey eye kit for this tutorial.

Step 1# Conceal the area around your eyes to even out the skin tone.

Step 2# Prime your eyes. I have used the Primer from faces Smokey eye kit. It gives a pearly finish which looks great for parties. You can use any primer of your choice.
Step 3# Apply black cream eye shadow or Kohl very close to your upper lash line and spared it with help of a brush till the ¾ of your eyelid.
Step 4# now go dab-dab with taupe brown eye shadow all over your eyelid.


Step 5# soften the edges with a brush, but don’t go all the way up till brow bone.
Step 6# take some gray color on the brush and apply it from the outer V of eye and go back and forth on your crease, just follow the shape of your eye.
Step 7# now take the same gray color and apply it on lower lash line also, till the half way.
Step 8# take some light color, I am using pearl shade from the same palate and apply it on the inner corner of eye.

Step 9# Now line upper lash line using eyeliner (I used liquid eyeliner, you can use gel eyeliner too) go very close to lash line and end it by making at arch. Come back for a second cote and widen the wing a bit. You can stretch your eyes gently while making the wing on outer corner on lash line. Now leave some space from the upper wing (2-3mm) following the upper wing do a similar wing on lower lash line.
Step 10# apply kohl on your water line. Smudge it a bit on lower lash line using a brush to give Smokey effect.
Step 11# Curl your lashes and apply your favorite mascara.
That’s all you are done. The Smokey eye look itself is very se*y but the use of double wings make it more appealing.

This was my first attempt with makeup tutorial; I hope you guys liked it (fingers crossed).

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33 thoughts on “Taupe Brown and Gray Smokey Eyes with Double Winged Liner Tutorial

  1. excellent tute sweta and the double winged liner idea is so original! and three cheers to ‘practice makes perfection’. Perfect look you have done here and you eyes are lovely!

  2. This is a great party look Sweta 🙂 I have seen Faces Smokey eye kit on online shopping websites. Did you use their mascara too?
    Great EOTD! Plus your eyebrows look so nice! 🙂

  3. it’s such a pretty tutorial sweta. i loved the final outcome. I havent tried a double winged liner since ages. Would give it a try now. 🙂 and your eyes look suuuuper pretty. :))

  4. Simply adorable indeed a great effort Sweta…m myself a great fan of smokey eyes and keep doing lots of eye makeup experiments…

    Best of luck dear

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