TheBalm Instain Blush Toile Review

TheBalm Instain Blushes Toile

TheBalm powder blushes are ever popular – maybe right next to NARS blushes. Had the product been more easily available, Im sure the raves would have increased. So, when the Company supposedly upped their game and launched the Instain blushes this year, the beauty world went into a tizzy. And so did I! I was extremely excited to finally lay my hands on one of these and here is my review on it. Does it really stand up to the hype created around it…read on and find out…


PRODUCT (from the website):

Long-Wearing Powder Staining Blush
theBalm’s long-wearing, STAINING powder blush is a fashion must have! With six shades, perfect for all seasons and skin tones, it will give your cheeks color that won’t quit.


USD $22 for 6.5gms of product.
I paid about INR 1400+ for this.


The product comes packaged in neat cardboard box case with a cardboard cover around it. The entire thing looks very cute coz its designed to resemble a magazine. Refer to pics. There is a decent size mirror but no applicator with this.

While the packaging is eco-friendly, I am not a fan. I like packaging to be sturdy/luxurious and I should not have to worry about dropping something on the case accidentally.

My experience with TheBalm – Instain Blushes – Toile:

Color – The colour looks coral red-orange in the pan. That is what attracted me to this shade of the blush. However, as per the site, it is strawberry colour. So who is right? Actually both! Irresepctive of how it appears in th epan, the blush is strawberry red-pink with hint of coral and a hint of plum in it – this is post application colour. Its fairly complex and hence, unique.
I do feel that this shade would look better on darker skin tones than lighter ones.

The finish is satin, fairly bordering on matte.

Texture – Finely milled, smooth and very blendable texture. It comes off extremely easily on the brush or finger and applies naturally. It applies evenly, there is no patchiness.
Pigmentation – Fantastic pigmentation – a light touch of the brush gives a burst of colour. So you really have to be careful with it. Use a fan brush or touch the blush brush very lightly to the pan – to get a natural finish. It allows you to go sheer or build it to the colour in the pan. A normal swipe of the brush can mean too much colour on the cheek. Its that pigmented. You can dip your paint brush in and create a sunset on paper!!

Lasting power – AMAZING lasting power! 8 hours plus on my face – over foundation. It just stayed put. Without foundation, on my oily skin, it lasted about 5 hours.

Visibility on Skintone – The colour shows up easily. One swipe of the brush and you could look like a clown. So yes, the colour showing up is not an issue. On the contrary, girls with fairer skin may have a task at hand to get a sheer flush. I feel the blush would look nicer on darjer skin tones.


The Pros of TheBalm – Instain Blushes – Toile:

1. Finely milled, smooth, easily blendable.
2. Fantastic pigmentation – a little truly goes a long way
3. The color works well for day and night both
4. The product has a satin finish – bordering on matte
5. Itdoes not accentuate the pores
6. Did not break me out
7. Lasts for hours – 8 hour plus!!!!


The Cons of TheBalm – Instain Blushes – Toile:

1. Availability in India
2. No applicator – even to help with touchups
3. Not a fan of the cardboard packaging – I bet it helps reduce cost of this phenomenal product and is eco-friendly. Still, I do not particularly like the cardboard packaging.



IMBB Rating – 4.5 /5

Overall Thoughts:

I think the product is worth every penny – it will last you ages coz you will use so little of it. If it were in a plastic case, I would keep it. But, I don’t think I will – I let go of my previous theBalm products for the same reason. If you don’t mind cardboard pakaging – this is phenomenal!!!



Do I Recommend Thebalm blush?

Absolutely! The blush is awesome – unique colour, great pigmentation and amazing lasting power!! What more do you want?

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22 thoughts on “TheBalm Instain Blush Toile Review

    1. Thanks Neha for your kind words! You should definitely try them – start with a good quality peachy or dusty rose shade till you get comfortable with it. And then, any and every colour!!

  1. Hey kk.. Hows u..u have so many awesome products dear .. Loved the blush on you.. *clap*.. I wish these things were available in indiaa too… *haan ji*

    1. Hey Megha! Good to see you here! Glad you liked the product! Yes, THeBALm products are not easily available here but you can try getting them from International shopping sites.

    1. Thanks Rati! I know the packaging is supposed to be fun but I’m perpetually paranoid about getting it wet!! Not that i dip my other blushes in water….But you know what i mean!!

  2. I love their products the price is so reasonable yet the quality is excellent if only it was easily available here, love teh color 😀

    1. YOu are absolutely right Sonia – they have excellent quality and reasonable pricing! Wish it were available easily!

  3. This is been in my list from so long *drool* , but i don’t know why i didn’t buy *headbang* , looks great on u KK, i need to buy this time, nice review KK as always.

      1. my list is long *scared* –

        cabana boy,
        frat boy(must),
        hot mama(must),
        swiss dot,
        down boy,

  4. Great review, KK! I have been eyeing this for a while now! Will definitely get this! Looks so pretty on you! 🙂

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