10 Things You Should Never Wear To a Wedding

All of us love to attend wedding functions and with that comes the mammoth task of dressing up appropriately for the occasion. Girls often spend days to look for the perfect guest wedding attire so as to look flawlessly chic! In the desire to achieve that picture-perfect look, we often commit fashion blunders as a wedding guest. Sometimes, things are overdone whereas sometimes things are under-done, and both can be weird situations. So, you have to follow some basic dress codes when you attending wedding functions. All you need is a little guidance to glam up the right away! So, today, we will talk about 10 important things that you should never wear to a wedding party. Here are the 10 things you should never wear to a wedding!

1. Wearing too much white or black: This is one of the most probable mistakes that one commits before going for a wedding party. Getting decked up in black or white is more befitting for funeral occasions! If either of the two is your favourite colour and you choose to wear it to a wedding, then make sure that it don’t wear it from head to toe letting it to have a dominant effect on your outfit. Rather, you should try to celebrate the day with brighter and sober shades which are more opt for the wedding function. In case you go for black or white, break the monotony with some fun shades in your accessories or wear some elaborate jewellery. You might also try some bright pops of neon shades.

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2. Wearing denims is a big no-no: We do agree that men in the party might be decked up in denims, but if you are a woman, then denims are a definite no-no for a wedding ceremony. Denims would mean you have dressed up casually, unless the dress code of the event permits. If you prefer wearing pants, then replace denims with well-tailored pants that would still help you make a statement. It is better to keep in mind that one must never go underdressed for a wedding.

3. Ornamental Headbands and Tiaras: When is it expected to wear a ornamental headband or a tiara? Only when you turn out to be the bride. Wearing accessories like that surely makes you stand out at the wedding party, but you would not like to be the center of attention when you are just a guest, right? Let these special blings be reserved for the bride. It’s her dreamy affair, not yours!

4. Going overboard with jewellery: You might be a bling-loving person and have loads of gold jewellery back at home, but that doesn’t give you the permission to wear all of them at once. Keep your jewellery well-suited to the outfit that you wear. When you wear a heavy necklace, play down on wearing earrings and vice-versa. Balance is the key here, so don’t ruin your entire look by wearing overwhelming amount of gold jewellery. Here as well, it is expected that a bride would load herself with more gold ornaments as it is her D-day. So, accessorize as per your personality and outfit.

5. High Heels: Those sky-pointed high heels are definitely forbidden when you are going for a wedding. Comfort is the essence, no matter whatever you wear. As most weddings take place in open parks or farmhouses that basically have grass, mud and a little moss here and there, the unevenness of the surface would make you wobble and trip if you wear such pointed heels. Instead, you can wear platform or kitten heels, they look great with lehenga or sari and are more comfortable for your knees.

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6. Short Dresses: Short dresses look amazing but anything too revealing should be avoided on a wedding party. As the occasion is more on the conservative side, ditch the body-hugging short dresses and opt for some dresses and skirts that are at knee-length. If you don’t like Indian outfits too much, simply wear an anarkali or kurta with palazzo pants. You wouldn’t want those prying eyes to judge you, right??

7. Low-Cut Outfits: This also falls under the “too revealing” category. Too much of skin show should be avoided as it would end up making you look out of the place in the function. Hence, avoid wearing plunging necklines for a wedding. Also, skip wearing backless or strapless outfits. Instead, go for a modest look as this will help you better in being the stunner of the party.

8. Sheer Material: Skip wearing those see-through dresses or sheer blouses at a wedding. The idea should be to try some modest fabrics like chiffon or satin as they are lighter and easier to carry out at a wedding function. You may also try out a blouse with sheer detailing in the sleeves. That would make it a more apt choice!

9. Neon or Animal Prints: Dressing up as a guest means making tasteful choices. By that we mean certain types of prints should be avoided. Wearing too bright neon shades or animal prints can make you look like the attention seeker of the party or in better words would be too gaudy for the occasion. Instead of that, try some sober prints like stripes or polkas as they are equally chic. Not only would stop your outfit from being too aggressive but you can also carry it along in a playful manner.

10. Skip loud makeup: Well, makeup is another important aspect of dressing up and care must be taken so that it doesn’t look made up. The basic advice here would be less is more, so focus on accentuating your natural features and add a glam quotient to them. That would mean, avoid layering your face with tones of foundation or highlighter. A guest shouldn’t look like a glitter bomb, right? Keep it subtle and simple. If you are overdoing your eye makeup, play down with the lip makeup and vice-versa.

With this we conclude our article. Wear your best smile and as always stay confident and beautiful as this is the best accessory any girl can wear. Thanks for reading!


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