Thinking Beyond Green Tea

Tea, is something that most of us are addicted to. My days never start without a bag being dipped in the piping hot water, in my favorite mug. From the old chai to the modern English introduced tea bags, tea has evolved along with the changing modern world. While the old milk wala chai is still popular among the majority, some lazy bums like me prefer the no hassle, no sugar tea bags. There are wide variety of tea available today. It has been few months ago, that I got bored of the normal Lemon Green tea and decided to try something more and believe me I am happy I did it! My addiction started 2 years ago, when my colleague told me that Green tea reduces weight. While I haven’t had any significant weight loss, I am happy or the benefits it provided.


Green Tea is been a ruler on IMBB with its various health, beauty benefits and DIY articles. It is also one of the most popularly used tea in the world. But today, I would love to introduce you to the different teas/infusions available and its various health and beauty benefits. So it is time to think outside Green tea!

1. Flower Teas:-

Chamomile Tea: I bet most of us do know chamomile that has wide benefits in our beauty products and the tea is quite popular too! It is one of the best known herbs that is used all around the world.

Benefits: Reduces Diarrhea, Mouth swelling, Insomnia as it induces sleep and is a reliever of anxiety.

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Hibiscus tea: These can be called infusions than tea and all you need here is dried hibiscus flowers. Just brew it with water, add honey and voila, your tea is ready. I usually mix the white and red flowers
White hibiscus is very good for PMS, and cures irregular periods.
Red hibiscus helps in lowering High Blood Pressure and fights against cell damaging radicals.

Lavender Tea: It reduces respiratory disorders, asthma, reduces fever and can also be used to heal cuts and burns.

Passion flower: This was a fusion tea bag I tried and it can instantly reduce anxiety and calms you down! The best when you have a heated argument. 

Fruit Teas:-

Fruit teas are actually not tea but infusions and are commonly called Tisanes. You get fruit teas where base would be tea and different herbs/ fruits are added to create an infusion. You can also try the plain ones. I love the plain ones especially when served cold!

Most popular fruit teas include: Cherry, raspberry, black currant, orange, strawberry, peach, apple, pear, and blueberry. Out of which Raspberry and peach are my favorites!


Benefits of Fruit Teas:

Fruit teas are filled with anti-oxidants! You can serve them chilled with some fruit juice to create a mock tail and give it your kids without being scared. I have seen kids drinking coffee/ tea at a young age, so fruit tea can be given so that their health can be befitted too! The tea is made from natural unprocessed fruit and thus healthier than juices and sugared drinks. They also contain vitamin C and thus added benefits.

The best of these fruit tea is that after sipping the tea, you can use the residue that is loaded with anti-oxidants for your skin. As they are not harsh, I store and use them every day mixed with my face wash and believe me that they give a subtle glow and gives a fresh looking skin!

While all the fruit teas are good, you need to be a little careful with tropical fruit infusions as they contain certain toxins that are sometimes poisonous to the nervous system.

Herbal Teas:-


Rooibos Tea: It is a dark red colored tea that can be used to cure headaches, premature aging. It is also rich in many minerals and is rich in calcium.
It also lowers high Blood pressure and aids in regeneration of liver tissues.

So, these are the few teas that I love! Do try out the different infusions for more health benefits! Let me know if there are any more that are worth a try!


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