10 Tips to Look Smart With Makeup In Office

Choosing the right kind of makeup for office can be a daunting task. Thanks to those endless hours of work, meeting deadlines and attending meetings, it’s hard to pull off a fresh face of makeup through a long day at work. But that doesn’t mean women will compromise on their looks. Even with the extreme pressure of meeting deadlines and putting up good productivity at the workplace, you can never ignore getting properly dressed up to your office. Just imagine those dark circles popping out or your lips appearing flaky!! It isn’t quite desirable, right? So, the best way out is to learn to apply makeup smartly to keep looking glamorous throughout those tiring office hours. So, today, we shall talk about 10 tips to look smart with makeup in office. With all these smart tips right up your sleeves, you are going to ace your office wear looks every single day. This is gonna be tons of fun!!!So, without any further ado, let us begin:

Tips to Look Smart With Makeup In Office

1. Cleanse your skin thoroughly: This comes like a no-brainer. No makeup application can begin without a properly cleansed face. Beautiful face begins with proper cleansing. Get proper cleanser suitable for your skin type and which can be used on a daily basis. This helps to remove dirt, oil and impurities from your face and give it a clean, bright look. Don’t skip this step as this forms the mandatory step before application of base makeup.

2. Moisturize your skin: The next basic step is to give a good dose of moisturisation to the skin. Choose a moisturizer as per your skin type. Putting moisturizer on the face ensures well-hydrated skin throughout the day. It also helps to keep makeup intact for long.

3. Priming your skin: You cannot even think of initiating a flawless makeup look without a makeup primer. It is such an indispensable step to begin layering and blending other products. A primer serves the twin purpose of keeping skin shine free while guaranteeing that your makeup is set and good to go. So, when you are in office and want to look presentable, never ever forget the primer.

4. Concealer for hiding imperfections: Needless to mention, we all have some sort of skin imperfections building up due to the stress in everyday life. A concealer smartly hides imperfections and gives you a healthy look. It covers up under-eye imperfections, darkness, skin discolorations. Sometimes, you can also use colour correctors for addressing your skin imperfections. A good concealer is a must when you are getting ready for office. You can definitely choose the formulation as per your needs.

5. Apply BB cream: Since you are going to the office and not to any disco dance party, your base should suit the occasion in hand. Don’t apply heavy liquid-based foundations/mousse on your way to the office. Your makeup might get cakey and make you look like a clown if not properly blended. The smart way is to a lightweight BB cream that is infused with essentials ingredients and also provides protection from the sun. This will help you conceal light imperfections and will gift with radiant glowing skin in very less time.

6. Apply eye makeup subtly: Eye makeup can play a huge role when you are getting ready for office. Intense smokey eyes/glittery eyeshadows are a big no-no. Instead, keep your eye makeup subtle. Lightly define your eyes with an eyeliner/kajal. Colored liners should be mostly avoided. Also, if you are eye shadow person, go for soft shades, preferably in brown or bronze. Finish off the look with a dash of mascara.

7. Put the right shade of color on the lips: Office is a formal place which means dark lipstick shades like magenta, red or burgundy should be kept out of the way. With formal attires, mostly shades of neutral pink/peach/brown will add elegance to your look. If you a gloss lover, then apply some lightly tinted color or transparent shade to give that irresistible shine to your lips. Avoid glitter in your lip color as it is not quite meant for office makeup.

8. Get a radiant glow on the cheeks: Never ignore adding a subtle pop of color to your cheeks. You can opt for light shades of blush like baby pink/peach/mauve whichever goes as per your skin tone. You can also go for neutral-colored blush to keep it very simple. A good hack is to use a light-tinted neutral lipstick on the apples of your cheeks for a quick cheeky glow.

9. Set your makeup: After you are done your makeup, you have to ensure that its longevity is not compromised. A smart way of doing is to set your makeup with a nice setting powder because a setting powder helps your base stay flawless and the skin from appearing too oily – duh!!! And as an added bonus, some compact formulas with SPF that provides protection from harmful sun rays. You could also use some finishing mist if you love dewy makeup look and want to combat dryness at office hours.

10. Choose long-lasting/waterproof products: Frequent touch-ups can be quite irritating especially during office hours. So, choose your makeup products that wouldn’t put you through that hassle frequently, such as waterproof/long-lasting makeup products. For example, while doing eye makeup, opt for a waterproof eyeliner/mascara that can stand the test of time and will keep you look glamorous throughout the day. Also, for base makeup choose BB cream/light tinted moisturizer that is meant to last long. To avoid frequent touchups with lips, matte formulation is the safest bet to go.

Hope these smart tips will be helpful for you while getting ready for office. Add your opinions in the comments section below.


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