10 Tips to Lower Stress in order to Lose Weight

Today let’s touch upon the topic of how stress can be related to your weight. We’re all looking to be the best versions of ourselves, but in all of this, we end up stressing out more. Losing weight itself can be a stressful job for some of us, but did you know, it could be one of the reasons your weight isn’t going down? When you overthink or take unwanted tension, you opt for activities that can be extremely unhealthy. Also, stress can increase the level of a hormone called cortisol which leads to weight gain. One key tip to shed those extra pounds is to worry less about situations and stay carefree about the same. Don’t make losing weight a job to do, make it a hobby or passion. This will change your outlook towards it and cause less stress inside your mind. Let’s discuss about how to lower stress to become fit and some tips you can follow to combat stress:

Tips to Lower Stress in order to Lose Weight

1. Meditate: If you have a stressful life at home or work, you tend to overthink, you need to meditate. A few minutes of meditation can do wonders for you. Kickstarting your day with 15 minutes of meditation will keep you happier throughout the day.

2. Eat slowly: To beat stress fat, you have to go slow with your eating. When we are anxious or stressed out, we often eat quickly which can be bad for your health and can make you gain weight. Eat your meal slowly and chew properly. When you take longer to eat, you avoid overeating.

3. Cut down on caffeine: Opt for “decaf” the next time you want to wake up and head to work. High amounts of coffee is not good for the body! According to research, it is noted that on a day-to-day basis, only one cup of coffee is recommended.

4. Load up the breakfast: To shed weight related to stress, you need a powerful breakfast. Fruits, nuts and whole grains can do wonders for you. When you suffer vitamin C and D deficiencies, your body gets stressed out. This can contribute to digging into sweets which will further take you down the wrong path. A healthy breakfast can make you fit and relieve your stress completely.

5. Sleep more: If you are stressed and gaining weight, you aren’t getting your mandatory 8 hours of sleep each night. You need to sleep it off in order to get your body working properly. Lack of sleep contributes to stress and weight gain too. You can do dieting and work it out at the gym, but if you are sleep deprived, you are not going to see any weight loss. Everything is interrelated which is why doctors highly suggest 8 hours of sleep at night.

6. Exercise a little: When you are stressed, head out for a walk, or a run or indulge in any sport you like. This will ensure that your mind is distracted and it will also help in shedding some weight. Walking in fresh air can clear your mind and thought process and help relieve stress.

7. Give into the cravings:  But just a little. If you are extremely stressed out and want to eat chocolates, you can have a few pieces of dark chocolate or have a small doughnut. Having a small portion of a favorite dessert can be helpful. Make sure you walk a little extra the next day.

8. Track your progress: A stressed-out person will never be able to tell whether they are losing weight or not, the best way to do so is by keeping a track on the same. This will also motivate you and keep you less stressed about your weight.

9. Drink lots of water: Often stress can keep you from drinking your daily amount of water. Make it a habit to keep two bottles on your work desk or on the side table. One thing I’ve realized is that I tend to forget to drink water so whenever I pick up a glass, I make sure to drink two extra glasses. Just drink as much as you can when you remember. Water is the answer to a lot of problems.

10. Yoga: One of the best ways to get rid of unwanted stress and lose weight at the same time is yoga. You can opt for power yoga, aerobics with yoga or just 20 minutes or simple asanas. I’ve tried my hand at aerobics with yoga and it was quite a delight.

Say goodbye to stress and start shaping that beautiful body. Focus on yourself and be happy!

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