10 Morning Habits for Effective Weight Loss

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Morning starts the day and it also prepares you for your weight loss journey. If you want to lose a few extra kilos, you must be prepared from the very beginning of the day. In this post, I will share 10 things that you must start doing in the morning for an effective and quick weight loss.

10 Morning Habits for Effective Weight Loss

1. Wake Up in Time

There is no point in waking up late, a few minutes before leaving the home for work. To prepare your mind and body for a healthy day ahead, it is important have some time in the morning. Also, waking up in time reduces stress and reduces the risk of stress induced weight gain. Keep your phone away in the night and go for a sound sleep as soon as possible. Waking up at around 5 or 6 in the morning is healthy and beneficial for you in various different ways.

2. Get Some Sunlight

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Allow lots of sunlight to come in the room during the morning. The morning sun is soothing and the light is beneficial for your body. The sunlight helps in synthesis of vitamin C which is very much needed for the body. Some studies also show that this light prevents fat related weight gain and even helps in healthy, natural weight loss.

3. Drink Some Water and Some More

Drink as much water as possible in the morning. This acts as the fuel for your digestive system and helps to restart it every morning. Drink plain two glasses of plain water as soon as you get up. After that you can drink any detox drink that you prefer which will be one more glass. You can warm up the plain water too as that helps more in your weight loss journey.

4. Exercise

Young woman doing exercises on fitness machine

When you get up early in the morning, you get time to do some effective work. Instead of lazing around, practice some exercise. You can go out for a morning walk or go to the terrace to sweat it out in the sun. You can also exercise or dance at home playing your favorite music. This will refresh your mind and help you to be active again.

5. Meditate

After a successful exercise session, it is important to cool down the body. There is no better way to do that other than some meditation and deep breathing exercises. Some studies report that this helps in weight loss and also corrects obesity related eating disorders.

6. Measure the Weight

Woman With Weighing Machine Wearing Big Jeans

It is important to measure the weight once or twice a week. It helps you to keep track of your performance and motivates you to lose more weight. Measuring in the morning is important as it helps you to get the right weight. But, do not make this an obsession. You do not need to do this every morning. Fix one or days a week and forget the weight machine for the rest of the days.

7. Prepare a High Protein Breakfast

Utilize the morning time in preparing a super healthy, power packed, high protein breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it is important to have it right. Include avocados, spinach, egg whites, oats, fresh fruit juices and even chicken in our breakfast recipes. Try to avoid carbs in the first meal of the day. If you love having breads, opt for multigrain ones or utilize almond flour or multigrain flour to prepare your own fresh bread at home.

8. Cook the Lunch

Cooking young woman

If you are a working woman, pack your lunch form the home instead of opting for canteen made food or take away. Keep the proportion of carbohydrate, vegetables and proteins as 1:2:1. Try to opt for brown carbohydrates like quinoa, brown rice, red rice etc. Opt for healthy protein options like fish or chicken. Boil and sauté your vegetables and season them with your favorite spices. This lunch box will be packed with flavor and will be super healthy too.

9. Walk as Much as You Can

When you have time, try to walk or cycle to work if possible. Take stairs instead of lifts and take breaks in-between your work. Instead of sitting in your workplace for your hours, take breaks at times and take small walks. This keeps your body active all day long and prevents fat accumulation in the lower part of the body.

10. Track Your Calorie Intake

Health app and healthy woman at gym

There are many apps that you can download in your mobile and keep a track of your calorie and water intake. Once you start keeping the track in the morning, it is easier to follow up for the rest of the days. This helps you to restrict eating junk food, eat the right food, drink enough water and thus help in weight loss.

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