Tommy Girl Perfume by Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Girl Perfume by Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Girl by Tommy Hilfiger was, I believe, the first perfume I ever wore regularly.  I had used up two bottles of it by the time I was fifteen, but never used it again after that.  Interestingly, I found it several months ago in my mother’s closet.  It smells good on her, as it smelled good on the teenage me, and I think that shows how this casual, fresh, floral fragrance can easily be worn by women of all ages.

Tommy Girl Perfume Bottle
Tommy Girl Perfume Bottle

Product description: Tommy Girl is a refreshing, bright, floral fragrance that is inspired by wildflowers gathered from the American landscape. An effervescent scent, Tommy Girl evokes an energetic and independent spirit.

Tommy Girl Eau de Toilette
Tommy Girl Eau de Toilette

Tommy Girl was the debut scent of the design house of Tommy Hilfiger, and was released back in 1996, at the same time Tommy Hilfiger launched his women’s clothing line.  It is described as a refreshing, energetic floral fragrance, with low notes of sandalwood and heather.

The top notes for this fragrance are:  Camellia Flowers, Apple Blossoms, Blackcurrant, and Mandarin.  The middle notes are comprised of: Honeysuckle, Lily, Violet, Mint, Grapefruit, Citruses, and Rose.  The base notes are made up of the following:  Magnolia, Sandalwood, Jasmine, Cedar, and Wild Heather.

The bottle it comes in is rather minimalist.  It is clear and triangular in shape, topped with a simple silver cap branded with the Tommy Hilfiger logo on top.  The packaging for the perfume, in a way, reflects its scent—clean, simple, and modern.

Tommy Girl Uncapped
Tommy Girl Uncapped

Sometimes, it’s just so hot outside that spraying on any perfume seems unbearably cloying…but when I come in from the outside and start to cool off, I want to smell good and clean again, not sweaty.  This perfume is just so lovely for that.  I don’t think it smells like a sporty fragrance with harsh aquatic notes.  Instead, it’s floral and light, with hints of fruits and greens.  It’s feminine, but it’s neither sweet nor heavy, and I don’t find it cloying in the least.

I like the idea that it’s inspired by wildflowers, which are included in the notes that make up this fragrance, like Desert Jasmine, Cherokee Rose, and Wild Heather.  That truly represents the All-American image of Tommy Hilfiger.  I also relate that idea with how this scent seems crisp, but casual, and how it smells pretty, but low-key.

It would go well with a jeans-and-shirt outfit, and would be just as nice with a sundress.  Casual as the fragrance seems, I think it’ll also go okay with office attire or a school uniform.  It’s not the type of perfume that would make people stuck with you in an elevator or office cubicle scrunch up their noses and complain about possibly getting headaches.  It’s also has long wear, lasting about seven hours on my skin.

I think if you generally go for floral scents or perfumes that are light, fresh, and clean, but still feminine, this would be a must-try.  To me it doesn’t seem too heavy or mature for younger girls, and my mother, who is in her fifties and is quite conservative about perfumes she chooses, wears this scent gracefully, and on her it smells elegant.  I’m glad she had this half-full bottle of Tommy Girl in her closet as I’ll be borrowing it from time to time too.

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  1. Hey Ida, I used to use Tommy Girl when I was in college myself.. You reminded me of my teenage years.. i can almost smell it again.. Thanks for the nostalgia.. :-* :-*

    1. You’re very welcome Mrunmayee. 🙂 Some of the perfumes I’ve brought out for reviews are a great source of nostalgia for me as well. 🙂 :-))

  2. yup,,,,,,,,even dis was my first teenage perfume…..and I really like d fragnance…….gud old days…. 😐 :thanks: :thanks:

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