Perfume: Clinique Happy for Men and Women Review

Clinique Happy and Clinique Happy For Men

Hi everyone!  Today I wanted to share about my current love…perfume.  Perfume has the ability to transport me back to certain times, places, or even some daydreams I had.  For me, different fragrances trigger particular memories and feelings, and I love exploring with those links between scent and memory, scent and emotion.

I’m lucky enough to have a spouse who shares the same love for perfume, although I’m a lot more obsessed, hehe.  But I’m glad that he understands my fascination and appreciation for it.  He had purchased a Clinique Happy For Men perfume for himself, and a few days later sweetly surprised me with the Women’s version, which of course pleased me very much.

Clinique Happy perfumes
Clinique Happy perfumes

Clinique Happy has been around for a sometime, so most probably, you’ve sniffed it too.  It was introduced in 1997, and before opening my husband’s surprise gift, I already had a vague memory of the perfume’s scent, since my mother used it daily when it was newly released, and I remember her using up two to three bottles of it.  One word came to mind when I recalled how it smelled:  citrus.

clinique happy bottle
clinique happy bottle

Product description from Clinique:

A hint of citrus.  A wealth of flowers.  A mix of emotions.  Our best-selling women’s fragrance interplays fresh, vibrant notes-ruby red grapefruit, bergamot-with soft, sensual ones-Hawaiian wedding flower, spring mimosa. Wear it and be happy.
Citrusy it is, but not overly so that it makes me remember my hyperacidity.  The reason why I remember it being citrusy is probably because the citrus note is what I smell first—the zesty, orangey smell of bergamot.  I also smell the grapefruit, which is somewhat sweet, but mostly what I smell are the floral notes of mimosa.  Clinique Happy is a generally a floral perfume, a citrusy floral, appropriate for hot weather.
If Clinique Happy were a kind of girl, she’d be The Girl Next Door.  A particularly perky one.  She’s young, easygoing, carefree, friendly to everyone, and she smiles a lot.  This perfume is youthful, cheerful, and easy to wear, which is probably why it’s worn by a lot of people.  It’s inoffensive and I think it’d be okay to wear at the office.
I wear it during the daytime when I’m in a, well, happy mood.  It has strong lasting power for me and two or three sprays are enough to last the entire day.  When I spray it on my clothes, I can still smell it there a few days later.
Let’s go on to the men’s version, Clinique Happy For Men.

clinique happy for men bottle
clinique happy for men bottle

Product description:

Cool. Crisp. A hit of citrus. A refreshing scent for men. Wear it and be happy. Top notes: Kaffir lime, kalamanzi fruit, mandarin, yuzu.  Middle notes: green notes.  Base notes: cedar, Mediterranean cypress, guiacwood.

Sniffing it straight from the bottle, I definitely smell citrus and woods, and it’s no wonder my husband likes this, since he loves those two notes.  On him it doesn’t smell so woodsy, but it takes on a somewhat soapy, clean quality, though I can still smell the refreshing citrus.  The woods is there in the background, which coupled with the soapy aspect of it makes it smell masculine.  For a man’s perfume it is quite light, not overpowering at all.
He wears this often during daytime, on hot summer days.  I like smelling this cool, clean citrus on him.  Like Clinique Happy, the men’s counterpart is youthful, energetic, and pleasant.  According to my husband, the scents lasts an average of 4 hours on him, then he has to reapply.

In summary, these two perfumes are pleasant, casual, and easy to wear, and I recommend giving them a try, especially if you’re looking for summery fragrances.


28 thoughts on “Perfume: Clinique Happy for Men and Women Review

  1. Great review Ida ! Strange coincidence – my husband recently bought the Clinique Happy perfume for men, since we both loved it so much ! I’m now waiting for my surprise gift 😉

    1. Thank you Rupa! 🙂 The Clinique Happy For Men smells nice and clean, no? Very nice to snuggle to. 😀 Ooh I hope you get your surprise gift soon!

  2. You know Ida, the only perfume I know from Clinique is the Happy perfume. I am sooooo happy you reviewed it. I would be buying it soon. Thanks for the review. :-* :-* :-* :-*

  3. Rati I’m glad my review helped! :-)) :-)) If you like florals, you could also try the flanker to this perfume- Clinique Happy Heart. It’s a bit more floral and girly. 🙂

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