Top 5 MakeUp Items Under Rs 200 ($4)

We all wish we could own all the MAC Eyeshadows in their permanent makeup range, splurge on all those gorgeous nail lacquers of Inglot, and steal the whole of Estee Lauders skincare products and perfumes.. But unless you have robbed
a bank, it is highly impossible for you to do all the above.Infact, most of the time we are on a limited makeup budget- specially if you are starting out with make up and are not sure about investing half your salary in makeup
products. Hence  I have put together a list of  my top 5 make up items under Rs 200 (4$).

Believe me, getting quality for just that much money is really difficult, but I got down to a bit of snooping around and this is what I  came up with.

So my top 5  makeup items in no particular order are: Drumroll please!*

1. Maybelline White Stay UV Compact Powder with SPF  15 (Rs 180/-)*

This is a great value for money makeup product. It settles and finishes up your foundation nicely and gives a smooth even , matte finish to your skin. It is not heavy or cakey , though you do need to apply it with a soft touch. These come in 3-4 shades, so not great variety in shades available, but most Indian skintones wont really have trouble identifying their tone.I am an NW 30 in MAC and a light ivory in this.

Additional bonus- it comes with a mirror and a sponge inside for application. And an SPF is always an
added bonus ! All that for  Rs 180/- !!

2. Lakme Invisible finish foundation ( Rs 185)*

One of the hardest products to find under 200 Rs is a good foundation , but Lakme’s done it! This foundation gives a warm healthy glow to the skin without being excessively thick. It  is not recommended if you are going to be sweating it out in the heat because it has minimal lasting power . (What do you expect for 185 Rs girls?) . It does however, do everything else. Smoothens skin tone -check, glow to the face- check, blends into skin- check, provides decent coverage-check.Also, Lakme makeup  is specially suited for Indian skintones so they dont mess up on their shades.

3.Colorbar nailpaint (Rs 150)

COlorbar Nail Paint
COlorbar Nail Paint

Colorbar makeup has won every Indian beauty blogger over with their nail colours- green apple martini, blue lagoon, bright orange, hot pink and many more. They provide a very welcome relief from all the myriad shades of maroons and pinks that were available for us in India. The nail colours are smooth and thin to apply. Depending on which colour you have, one or two coats is enough to get the colour on the bottle AND these do not chip easily at all.

COlorbar Nail Paint
COlorbar Nail Paint

The bright colours are great for nail art, or just to be worn on their own-plus a lot of their shades are actually Chanel dupes so win -win right?*

4.Maybelline Eye Shadow quad in Chai Latte

(Rs 200-220 depending on where you buy them from)

Maybelline Chai latte Quad
Maybelline Chai latte Quad

I you are starting out with makeup, then these quads are a must have. Specially recommended- quad in Chai Latte. These have 4 colours- each one for a different area of your eye- brown bone, lid, outer and inner corner. The quad  is a  neutral colours one- with a shimmery copper on the lid. The quad is not just great for creating multiple looks with eyeshadows- but also for highlighting and contouring. The lid colour s a great colour for me to contour my cheekbones, and I use the browbone colour as a highlighter all the time. Multiple makeup products within one product!!

5.Maybelline expert wear blush- Apricot Flush (Rs 185/-)

Maybelline Expert wear blush
Maybelline Expert wear blush

Huge fan of these blushes! They dont have the full range available in India as yet  and i am sorely missing their Sweet Cinnamon blush that is available in the US. However, next best thing to that is the one available in India- Apricot Flush. I am quite amazed at the longevity and staying power of this blush. It does stay on for a long time, and provides a coral flush to the cheeks with a hint of shimmer. This particular shade is universally flattering, so if you are confused about which shades would suit you, then you can rely on this one because this apricot colour adds instant warmth to
your face without being overbearing. Two thumbs up from me, and hoping for the full makeup range to release in India soon !

This post is written by  Mehak – a 23 year old beauty and bargain addict from New Delhi. Firm believer in the fact that there is no such thing as too many eyeshadows, too many dresses,  or too many shoes. She is a risk analyst by profession , but being a beauty analyst is so much more fun! She works in an environment where the names Bobbi Brown or Estee Lauder just draw blank stares! So she channels all her beauty/fashion obsessions through her blog – Peaches and Blush where she ramble about just about anything that catches her fancy.


26 thoughts on “Top 5 MakeUp Items Under Rs 200 ($4)

  1. The title made me spring and open-it in-new-window 😀 …man…we all wish we could fill our wardrobes and dressers with our beloved makeup stuff..well to this list I would like to add
    1)Lakme perfect definition eyepencil (my must have) ~ Rs 150
    2) Lakme enrich lipstick (don remember shade no. but they come for about 180 bucks)
    3)Elle 18 eyeliner
    4)Lakme radiance compact (rs 90 but worth me :beauty: )
    5)Vega make up brushes..(don remember bit by bit..but hardly any of them cross Rs 200)

    Hey..anyone..if theres still anything cheap as these that we missed..PLEAAASE DO TELL…I can wait to be rich..but cant wait to buy more make up stuff :rotfl:

  2. This is a really great post. I’m a newly graduated student and haven’t started work yet. And i really don’t feel like spending all of my allowance on my makeup, or even if it is my mom who’s buying it for me, i don’t really like buying stuff that’s too expensive. This post is a god-send for me. I already own two out of the five, and I’m definitely going to buy the rest.

    P.S. Correction on the prices. The Maybelline Expert Wear E/S Quad is 240/- and the Blush is 209/-. I just bought the blush today, though i got Berry Sorbet. So far, I quite like it. I was going to buy the dream mousse blush, but then all the shimmer in it turned me off.

    Thanks again for the great post.

  3. Very informative post Mehak… :yes: :yes: :yes:… Even i use lakme radient Compact…in my second box now.. Planning to get Maybelline White Stay UV Compact Powder with SPF 15….

  4. Hey Mehak….all the products that you listed are worth their money, more so about the blush since I havent seen it anywhere :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:

  5. wow mehak
    i loved all products
    willkeep an eye out and u have beautiful nails! :-*
    only prob is that where ever i saw the maybelline products , they are 225 rs or above!
    where did u get them?

  6. great great great post!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    this post is REALLY helpful for the beginners-on-a-low-budget like us..i have just completed my M.Sc. and yet jobless,but i have started loving & buying make-up stuffs( how pitiful 😥 ) its impossible for me to buy MAC or Inglot etc..

    i have the invisible finish foundation,maybelline compact( i LOVE it). i am planning to buy maybelline quad in chai latte( on IMBB suggestion),seashore frosts and natural charcol..
    i would like to add some items in your list.
    1. avon glimmerstick eyeliner.
    2. elle 18 dewlipz, eyeliner & nailpaints
    3. lakme rose powder & daily wear souffle.

    btw, nice nail paint. :-))

  7. great great great post!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

    this post is REALLY useful for the beginner-on-a-low-budget like us..i have just completed M.Sc. & im yet jobless..i have started loving & buying make-up stuffs( how pitiful 😥 ).

    i have the first two items of your list..i am planning to buy some maybelline eye quad soon..
    i would like to add some items in your list-
    1. avon glimmerstick liner.
    2. elle 18 dewlipz, eyeliner, nail polish.
    3. lakme rose powder & daily wear souffle.
    btw, nice nail painting. :-))

    1. you know guys i am looking for street wear pressed powder, named street wear girl magic or something. can anyone tell me how much is it? :waiting:

  8. my god, u r a risk analyst!!!??? r u from economics/statistics background???? im an eco pg and our profession is analysis too( im yet to have a job 😥 😥 ).

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