Top 5 Professional Makeup Tips & Tricks

Top 5 Professional Makeup Tips


Make-up is an art. Well at least for me it is and no art is perfect without practice. Most of us sometimes shy away from make-up either because we are not sure about the end result or because we feel a little uncomfortable going out with make-up because it changes our face. Well, lovely ladies, what’s the harm in adding to the beauty of something that’s already beautiful? Make-up doesn’t necessarily mean we have to go all in and transform our face. Make-up can also be used to add just a little bit of finesse that makes one look more put together. I have compiled a list of make-up rituals that I follow and I hope that you will give them a try and that you like the post.
makeup tips

1. Don’t ignore the brows – I have been passionate about make-up for as long as I can remember but I never really paid attention to the brows. Big mistake. Brows frame the face and no matter how much make-up you put on the rest of your face, something’s missing if the eyebrows aren’t groomed. Grab an eyebrow pencil or an eyebrow kit or even a matte eyeshadow that matches your brow color and start today. I use a taupe eye shadow to fill in my brows.
brow kit

Lakme Black Eyebrow Pencil – Rs. 55

2. Tightlining – Tightlining is basically lining your upper lashline from directly below it with kohl/liner just like you would your lower waterline. It makes the lashes look thicker and the eyes bigger. We ignore doing this but trust me, it adds that little something that just an eyeliner doesn’t. Tightlining is a tricky affair and I find it uncomfortable too. You’ll get the hang of it with time. Just use your regular kohl pencil for this.

I use : Maybelline Colossal Kajal in Black – Rs. 149


3. Bronzer – Westeners use a bronzer to bring color to their pale skin. We, however need a bronzer for a different reason. Once we put on a foundation, it may end up looking too light or unnatural. It is then that you use a bronzer to warm up the sides of your face to match with the rest of your body. It does wonders for me and I highly recommend this step. Just take a bronzer or a compact at least a shade darker than the foundation and using a brush, apply it from the side of your forehead to the side of your chin in a 3 motion. And remember to blend blend blend.

I use : The Body Shop Shimmer Waves in Bronze – Rs 1595

4. The power of a powder – Foundation/Concealer is a wet/creamy product and is prone to melting away with time if you don’t set it with a powder. We underestimate the power of a pressed powder. I always apply foundation first, then conceal any visible dark spots with a concealer and then set it with a powder. It not only prevents my make-up from moving around but also makes it last longer. There are powders that give you coverage as well as translucent powders available.


I use : Bourjois Healthy Balance Unifying Powder – Rs. 710

5. Sealing the curve with a waterproof mascara – So we curl our lashes and put on a non-waterproof mascara. The lashes look good for a minute or two but then the mascara starts to weigh the lashes down. The trick is to use a waterproof mascara immediately after you curl your lashes. This seals the curve and gives you curled lashes all day.

I use : Maybelline Falsies Waterproof Mascara – Rs. 399 – 425


I hope you will give these tips and tricks a try and see the difference for yourself. I have added a photograph of my face before and after make-up.
makeup makeover

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38 thoughts on “Top 5 Professional Makeup Tips & Tricks

  1. Awesome compilation Vasudha *clap* I have never tried tightlining *secret* It’s time I give it a try 😀 You look fab! *preen*

    1. *thankyou* Princy… *happydance* *happydance* ..Tightlining sounds scary at first just like wearing contact lenses for the first time…but try it once and you’ll feel accomplished.. *happydance*

  2. looking lovey… the makeup looks perfect to 🙂 🙂
    i never shape my eyebrows for the fear of looking very made up……. i think i need to learn the trick now!’

    1. *thankyou* Parul. Brows can be tricky. A little less -it looks incomplete and a little more – it looks overdone. Grab an eyebrow pencil or a matte eyeshadow and try your hand at it in your free time. Settle on the look you like best and you’ll be sorted. Remember, don’t be heavy handed with the product because you always have the option of building up.

  3. before n after is really good ! which lip color have u used here, by d way can u suggest me ur fav mlbb lip colors my skin tone is very similar to urs -:)

    1. *thankyou* Sonia. You’ll be surprised to know that I’m wearing a lip pencil on the lips topped with a gloss by Bourjois. rofl My current favorite MLBB shade is Runway Russet by Street Wear. If you’re similar to my skintone, try Shy Cherry from Colorbar, its a nice reddish pink and I get complimented on it a lot.

  4. Hi, can you please help me as I end up with panda eyes when I tightline or use a mascara or use a kajal .. I’ve tried from maybelline gel liner to lakme absolut to maybelline colossal 🙁 … Plus with huge dark circles that I have … I’ve stopped tightlining or using a kajal … I just use a eyeliner on the upper eyelids 🙁

      1. Neha..while tightlining, try using the end half of a make-up brush to hold your upper lashes up against the eyelid and then use your kajal on the upper waterline. You can also use your other hand to hold the eyelid skin up to expose the waterline. Don’t go too close to the skin above the lashes or there will be no difference between a tightline and an eyeliner. Tightlining is only to darken the part where your lashes start so that they look thicker. Hope this trick helps.

    1. Shweta honey… are you using a waterproof mascara? A washable mascara doesn’t just need water to run..our skin produces oils and that is enough to make the mascara run.
      When you take off your make-up for the day, do you ensure you take off all of it from your eyes? Residual kajal can be messy the next day.
      Invest in a good concealer for the dark circles. I personally like Loreal Trumatch Super Blendable concealer. If you don’t want to use a concealer, get a good eyelid primer. Also, before putting on kajal, eyeliner or mascara, use a pressed powder on your lids and the under eye area. Oily lids result in runny eyeliner. I have faced the same problem and these steps worked for me.
      Hope I helped *happydance*

  5. You look so pretty!! *happydance* And really this brow thing is so important… I just got the Lakme brow pencil yesterday, but still not sure how much would do.. *nababana*

  6. Thank you so much Priyanka. 😀 😀 I have found that using the lakme pencil sideways in light strokes works best for me. It can get very dark if you use the tip.

    1. Aaanhaaannn!!! So therein lies the trick… *specs* Now I think I’ll try what you said… Can’t *thankyou* enough dear… Btw, could you pls tell me which eyebrow kit/eyeshadow duo you ahve used? I mean the one shown in the first picture of this post…

    1. Shashi, I would suggest you dip a q-tip in a good eye makeup remover and gently swipe it along the tightlined length… Hope it helps… 🙂

      1. Thank you Shashi….since tighlining is mainly done at the start of the lashes, you can simply remove it like you would remove ur mascara with an oil based makeup remover or you could do what Priyanka suggested 😀 🙂

        Thats a kickass tip Priyanka… *clap*

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