Survey Result- Top 5 Kajal (Kohl) Brands

SurveysLike many other kids of my age, I kept a piggybank when I was a child; my only source of income for buying Super Commando Dhruva or Nagraj comics. I would drop whatever coins I could lay my hands on inside it and kept a rough count of my earnings. But my earnings in the piggybank kept accumulating faster than my calculations showed because my mom and brother also kept depositing some coins into it without telling me. They wanted to help me out in my ‘reading’ so the numbers kept piling up without my knowledge.

So is the case with our surveys; people constantly keep voting in without our knowledge. Not surprisingly, I saw that the number of voters in our Top 5 Kajal (Kohl) Brands Survey has increased to more than 100 behind my back. Therefore, it was time to publish the result. And I am a lot perplexed by the result. Let me first show you the results and then talk more about it. We had a total of 352 entries for this survey, the distribution of which is shown below:

Top 5 Kajal Survey

Well, the clear winner, as you can see, is Lotus Herbals (58 entries) followed by Lakme (56 entries) and Revlon (29). The percentage distribution of the votes can be seen below:

Top 5 Kajal Survey distribution

Now this result was a little confusing for me (or maybe I am reading too much into it). If this usage distribution is reflective of quality why is the number for Hashmi Kajal, whose praise I have heard often, so low? If Hashmi’s number is low because of availability, why is the number for Lotus, a not-so-easily-available brand (or is it?), so high? Or are these numbers just indicative of preferences because of prices? I really don’t know. Perhaps people who have voted in this survey would be able to explain better. Can someone explain? 🙂

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32 thoughts on “Survey Result- Top 5 Kajal (Kohl) Brands

    1. ANuya,

      Hashmi kajal has lead in it. It’s super controversial and a lot of Pakistani companies have refused to stock it as well. Its best not to use that kajal

  1. even I voted for Kajal….something good happened to me since yesterday :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :jiggy1: :jiggy1: :jiggy1: :jiggy1:

  2. Happy that lotus won!! :victory2: well i have not even heard of Hashmi kajal…and i think lotus is more easily available than Hashmi all over India

  3. I am completely clueless about this result – since i don´t know any of the high-voted khols :silly: But I am not suprized at the result; I mean the fact that a “local brand” wins. :))

  4. lotus….yay… :jiggy1: :jiggy1:
    lakme satin is also gud na..i havent smudges a lot on some..
    sanjeev..hasmi has less votes coz of lead as rati sd..n lotus cosmetics r not easily kajal n lip balm which r the only two gud thgs of it.. :mean: :mean: r easily available at chemists too…

  5. yayeee lotus won :waytogo:

    lotus colour cosmetics are the ones that aren’t easily available. otherwise, you see their lip balms, kajal and skincare line available everywhere. in fact, i’ve always seen even the smallest shops stocking on himalaya and lotus kajal!
    as far is hashmi kajal is concerned, i don’t think it is popularly USED in india. it might be popularly KNOWN, because it’s something that pakistanis swear by! they really love their hashmi kajal!

    p.s. – rati, my lotus kajal has become short and stubby and it’s too large for my eyes now. :weep: can’t use it :weep:

  6. hashmi kajal is avalable online. i was curious so i bought too,. dry as a broom. hurts to apply and absolutely nothing what its made out to me. may be i got an old rejected stock from pakistan rejects. so its a total waste

    i am itching to try M.A.C , other than that the new colossal kajal pencil from maybelline is the best so far. and i have tried every other brand. trust me

    for eyelinerm chambor is great.

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