Kryolan Kajal in Highlight Review

Kryolan Kajal in Highlight Review

Dear Beauties,

First of all, I am so sorry for being away and missed you all and IMBB very much. IMBB has now become a part of my daily life and I cannot imagine myself without it and I am sure we all agree to this. I have been travelling quite a lot. Long due visit to Shirdi and Shanishingadapur was finally achieved last week and over the weekend visited Lavasa. One of the most beautiful and serene places with mindblowing exotic natural beauty all around! It was raining continuously, but still had lots of fun and some pictures are coming  up soon for you guys, so stay tuned.

Kryolan Kajal in Highlight Review

Let’s get back to today’s review. I always have been wanting to try out cream/n*de colored kajal for the longest time ever since I saw beauty gurus on Youtube using them to make their eyes appear wider and open. Hence, through a friend, I got this kajal from Kryolan in the shade “Highlight.”  Kryolan as you all know is a professional makeup company and their products are highly used by models, TV and film stars.

Kryolan Kajal In Highlight 2

Kryolan has kajal pencils in three colors Black, Dark Brown and Highlight.

Product Description:

Wide pencil with a soft texture for easy blending.  Available in the following colors: black, dark brown and highlight.  Details 12 cm Pencil length.

Kryolan Kajal In Highlight 3

My Experience with Kryolan Kajal in Highlight:

I have quite deep set eyes which appear tiny due to heavy dark circles. I was quite happy when I came across a cream-colored kajal pencil from Kryolan.  I have quite a few Kryolan products and they have never disappointed me. In fact, most of them are excellent in quality and pocket friendly as well. The packaging of Kryolan kajal is simple and similar to all of their products. The Kryolan logo is printed on the pencil and the shade cream is colored at the bottom of the pencil for easy recognition. The texture is highly creamy! In fact, this is the most creamiest eye pencils I have ever used and it easily beats Faces and Colorbar eye pencils! Due to its creamy texture, it glides on the waterline and just one swipe is enough. The pigmentation again is awesome!

The shade itself is cream in color, but sometimes, under different lights, it looks a bit white. The best way is to apply it very lightly and not apply force at all or else it will get stuck to the eyelashes, which looks horrible and very unnatural.

I wear contact lenses daily and this did not irritate my eyes in any way, so I feel they are good for sensitive eyes as well. The staying power is fabulous, at least for me. Even though it has the creamiest texture, it did not smudge or spread.  In fact, I wore it in the morning and after a couple of hours, I washed my face with plain water and this pencil was still present on my waterline, which is quite impressive! So, it seems its water resistant as well. Also, I use it as my browbone highlighter and it works really well!

However, due to its creamy texture, there are certain issues with this pencil.  For me, the tip is quite thick and since its creamy, the chances are there that it would always stick to the bottom eyelashes which makes it difficult to apply. Also, a lot of the product gets wasted during sharpening. I wish they come out with a slimmer version of this pencil.

Kryolan Kajal In Highlight 4

Kryolan Kajal In Highlight 5

Let’s summarize the review:

Pros of Kryolan Kajal in Highlight:

  • Beautiful cream color and looks natural if applied with a light hand.
  • Works well as a brow bone highlighter too.
  • Good pigmentation.
  • Texture is creamy and glides on waterline.
  • It stays on me for 4+ hours easily.
  • Water resistant.
  • Does not smudge or spread once set.

Cons of Kryolan Kajal in Highlight:

  • Availability is a big problem for Kryolan products, currently its available only in Mumbai, Delhi and Hyderabad.
  • The pencil tip is very fat and hence while applying on waterline, it tends to get stuck to bottom eyelashes and looks messy.
  • Lot of color gets wasted due to sharpening.

IMBB Rating:



150 INR.

Do I Recommend Kryolan Kajal in Highlight?

Yes! We hardly get any cream-colored liners in India and this one is the first one I have come across and works well for me. Totally recommend it to girls who want to make their eyes appear wider and bigger!

Hope this review was helpful and until tomorrow, take care and stay beautiful!

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29 thoughts on “Kryolan Kajal in Highlight Review

  1. Thanks for this review, Parita! My old white kajal pencil was lost during a vacation and I have been on the lookout for a new one ever since. I’ll look for this. 😀 Desperately need something like that to avoid the panda eyed look.

      1. Harman come to Delhi and we’ll go do a massive Kry*lan haul 🙂
        I have to have to pick up their TV paintstick now.

  2. Oh the texture doesn’t look too awesome…but I guess using a white liner for deep set eyes is a fabulous idea…heard it for the first time 🙂
    Nice review

  3. ‘m missin Shirdi a lot.. wanna go again
    n d Kajal loks really nice 🙂
    .. jus dat Kryolan’s store is too far frm my home n dis scorching heat!

  4. heya.. nice review… loved the product…. is it for 150 bucks??? n from where did u purchase..??? 🙂 on one online shopping site it was for 500.. 🙁

  5. parita, although i dont have very big eyes but i still love to wear load sof kajal ion my eyes. guess it’s the indian thing. 😀 but while kajal works wonders for a lot of people. looks good on your eyes. i feel it gives that fresh awake look. 🙂

    1. I so agree with you Rati..i too love to define my eyes with jet black kajal and liner but sometimes due to heavy dark circles I try to use a nude colored liner instead of kajal to make them appear brighter 🙂

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