Does the Type of Curling Iron Matter?



Fashion trends come and go, but curls can never go out of style. So, whether you’re creating beachy waves or elegant curls, your curling iron is the magic wand that can do it all! But does the type of curling iron matter? But there are so many curling irons available in the market, made of different materials and with different wand shapes, that knowing which curling iron to buy for your hair type matters a lot, and a thorough research would always help. But to make your task easier, we have done all the research and jotted down all about curling iron and how to choose the right one for your hair.

Type of Curling Iron

Material of Your Wand:
Deciding on the right material of your curling wand is the first thing to consider. Some materials are gentler on hair than others, and it is essential to know your options.

  • Ceramic: Ceramic irons evenly distribute heat along the barrel as well as emit negative ions in order to moisturize and smooth the hair shaft. These negative ions are extremely tiny particles that prevent split ends and keep the naturally produced hair oils intact. It decreases the amount of frizzing that happens when you expose your hair to heat and makes the hair appear smooth and shiny. It also prevents any tugging or pulling of the strands.
  • Tourmaline: Tourmaline is the newest material being incorporated into curling irons and what makes it more special is that they emit six times more negative ions than either ceramic or titanium irons. By emitting that amount of negative ions, tourmaline irons can smooth the hair’s cuticle and add tons of shine to the hair.
  • Titanium: Titanium barrels heat up at extremely high rate and thus it is the best option for coarse or thicker hair texture. If you have thin hair, a titanium barrel will cause damage and dryness. Since titanium doesn’t have any hair protective qualities, you need to make use of a heat protective spray while curling.

2. Shape of Curling Wand:

Knowing the shape of your curling wand and the different effects it has on the curl achieved is the next step in choosing your wand. This is purely based on personal preference and what curls you like the best.

  • Cone shaped wand: This particular curling iron has cone-shaped wand that decreases in diameter from the base to the tip. This kind of a shape is versatile and can create curls of various shapes and sizes. The smaller end can be used for a tighter curl and the larger side can make big curls. It can also create natural curl pattern that becomes smaller as you reach the ends of your tresses.
  • Bubble Shaped Wand: If you want beach kind of waves, you must pick bubble-shaped wand. The ball-like pattern guides the hair between the creases to give an even perfect wave.
  • Straight Wand: To create uniform curls, straight wand is the best. This wand is ideal for naturally straight hair looking to achieve beach waves, and it can be used to curl inward and outward.
  • Spiral barrel wand: This kind of a wand has a raised spiral or ribbon ridges on the curling wand and this guides your hair into a spiral shape. It ensures that your hair is evenly wound and evenly heated, with the easy to follow path.

When it comes to curling iron, the wand shape and material makes a lot of difference. Pick your curling iron keeping all these features in mind.


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