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Laxmi Asks:

Basically I am a chennai women.At present living in England Flygirl, Dee Nupur reviews also very helpful for me.I have to thank them as well.I have a problem that is daughter who is 9yrs have some hair in her underarms which is quite embarrassing for her to go swimming or any classes. I don’t know what to do, you know the difficulty of that little girl. I really worried about this I need your advice regarding how to remove this it is quite dark and long as well.Please help me. With best wishes

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29 thoughts on “Underarm Hair Removal for Young Girls : Ask IMBB

  1. Waxing is best method for hair removal but as your daughter is 9 it is not suitable for her. Hair removing creams tend to darken the area. So that can be avoided as well . Shaving is the next best thing, although the hair grows back quickly and coarse. Make sure u use a good shaving cream like Gillette. Your regular Hair Conditioners can also be used for shaving. Make sure you do it for her so that she doesn’t end up hurting herself. Cheers!

  2. i agree with the above comments. u can also use turmeric paste regularly on her underarms. Its not a one time solution but will surely discourage hair growth. :haanji: And, pl. advise her that hair growth is common no need to feel bad abt it. (i know its extremely hard to make them understand as i have a precocious cousin who is now 13 and wants to shave her legs..) 😛

  3. Shaving is the best thing for her age and for that area 🙂
    Use Gillette Venus razor and Gillette Satin razor.
    Also shaving doesn’t increase the hair growth in any way. It’s just that it removes hair from the surface only rather than form the roots so it grows back soon when compared to waxing.
    Otherwise it’s safe, painless and quick way to get smooth skin.

  4. NO Wax, NO Shave and NO creams for a young girl. I understand your concerns.. so I would suggest

    1) Visit a Derma who can check the harmones and prescribe or suggest accordingly

    2) Turmeric and Flour mixed with a little water will make a light paste. Apply it on her hands and once it is dried, rub it off.

    3) Regular use of pumice stone reduces hair growth but makes the skin a little rough. So use accordingly.

  5. Hi Laxmi,

    As the ladies above have mentioned, your little girl is young for waxing. Go for shaving.
    Try the Queen of… Ooh la la! Shaving Gel – you can find it in Boots.

          1. Okay both of them went into moderation….I posted links to that gel…Lakshmi, that is the name of the gel: “Queen of…Ooh La La!”

  6. Underarm hair may be a sign of puberty. Usually girls start menstruating within 6 months of underarm hair growth. Visit a doctor to check hormone levels and rule out any other causes. Better to go the clinical way rather than cosmetic way as ur daughter is too young.

  7. Laxmi..I totally agree with all the above :yes: .IMO as she is only 9 n almost at the age of puberty consult a gynaecologist.
    waxing is a strict no :nonono: . Shaving /using creme epilators from such early ages may lead to coarse,rough underarms with ingrowths and other ugly things :specs: . So if it is at all necessary go for trimming ! :))

    1. It’s true… I totally agree I am the best example for it… That is the only reason I worried so much… Still I couldn’t wear any sleeveless …,

  8. I would also suggets shaving as it would be gentle . You can use a conditioner to shave. It is quite moisturizing and does not dry out the skin. and yeah you can consult a gynae as well just to check if there is no hormonal imbalance. 🙂

  9. Dear all , thank you very much for all the replies…. I was struggling myself with lots of confusion bcoz I don’t want to make her discomfort by doing this I thought of trimming…. Because I worried about the skin..anyhow I ll try trimming or shaving and try to get advice fro
    Gynae as well.. And dee could you please tell me the name of shaving gel pls….. Thank you very much rati for helping to find :blush: out right thing .

    1. Laksmi, I posted the link,
      Its awaiting moderation..
      YOu can got to the Boots website > Toileteries > Female Hair Removal > Foams and Gels

      You will find them there

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