Valentine’s Day Beauty Haul & Gifts

Hello IMBBians,

How is life? I am very excited about doing my first post of haul on IMBB. This is a Valentine ’s Day gifts plus beauty haul which i did on 10th February. Now this one is really special for me because half of the haul is all about gifts to very special people in my life on this Valentine ’s Day

Valentine's day Gifts

My haul consists of

  • L’Oreal Paris Total repair 5, repairing shampoo (200ml)+ the free L’Oreal Paris Total Repair 5 Conditioner
  • Lotus Herbals ROSETONETM Rose Petals Facial Skin Toner
  • Lotus Herbals ALOEHYDRATM Aloe Vera Moisturising Gel
  • Two pairs of Sterling Silver studs.
  • One pair of Sterling Silver dangler. And
  • One Sterling Silver Ring.

L’Oreal Paris Total repair 5, repairing shampoo

L’Oreal Paris Total repair 5, repairing shampoo (200ml)+ the free L’Oreal Paris Total Repair 5 Conditioner(180gm) ( offer pack for Rs.130/-). I was waiting since many days for my earlier shampoo to get over, so I could catch this offer asap. And now I am very happy.

Lotus Herbals ROSETONETM Rose Petals Facial Skin Toner

Then comes the Lotus Herbals ROSETONETM Rose Petals Facial Skin Toner, net qty.100ml for Rs. 165. I bought it because I thought Rose water goes up with all skin type and I didn’t wanted to use the Dabur Gulabari Jal as it caused more dryness on my face.. I don’t know how but it somehow irritated my face. So went with the better option of Lotus Herbals.

Lotus Herbals ALOEHYDRATM Aloe Vera Moisturising Gel

Next is the Lotus Herbals ALOEHYDRATM Aloe Vera Moisturising Gel for all skin types. I took this after seeing the review on IMBB. and I am just in loooove with its smell!!! Aloe vera is a great moisturizer for dry skin like mine and this is the first time I will be using a gel based moisturizer on my face.

Now comes my favorite things in this haul. I love to gift things to dear ones. It gives me immense pleasure and I feel very happy. So it made me to buy these silver accessories from a Sterling Silver Jewellery shop in Panjim, Goa called ‘Glitters’. And in here whatever Glitters is not ‘Gold’ but its ‘Silver’. They claim sell 92.5 % pure silver jewellery with mainly CZ (cubic zirconium) stones along with other semi precious stones like amethyst, sunstone, etc, etc, I don’t remember much.

Cubic zirconia (or CZ): is the cubic crystalline form of zirconium dioxide (ZrO2). The synthesized material is hard, optically flawless and usually colorless, but may be made in a variety of different colors. It should not be confused with zircon, which is a zirconium silicate (ZrSiO4). It is sometimes erroneously called “cubic zirconium”.

Because of its low cost, durability, and close visual likeness to diamond, synthetic cubic zirconia has remained the most gemologically and economically important competitor for diamonds since 1976. It is sometimes marketed under the brand name “Diamonique”. Its main competition as a synthetic gemstone is the more recently cultivated material, synthetic moissanite.

Cubic Zirconia versus Diamond

There are a few key features of cubic zirconia which distinguish it from diamond:

  • Dispersion: With a dispersive power greater than diamond (0.060 vs. 0.044) the fire of cubic zirconia is more prismatic.
  • Hardness: Cubic zirconia has a rating of approximately 8 on Mohs hardness scale vs. a rating of 10 for diamonds.
  • Specific gravity: a cubic zirconia will weigh about 1.7 times more than a diamond of the same size.
  • Flaws: Contemporary production of cubic zirconia is virtually flawless, whereas most diamonds have some sort of defect, be it a feather, included crystal, or perhaps a remnant of an original crystal face (e.g. trigons).
  • Refractive index: Cubic zirconia has a refractive index of 2.176, compared to a diamond’s 2.417.
  • Cut: Some cubic zirconia gemstones are cut with facet shapes that differ from those typically used for diamonds. This difference would be visible under close inspection with a loupe.
  • Color (or more precisely, the lack thereof): Only the rarest of diamonds are truly colorless, most having a tinge of yellow or brown to some extent. By comparison, cubic zirconia can be made in most cases entirely colorless: equivalent to a perfect “D” on diamond’s color grading scale.
  • Thermal conductivity: Cubic zirconias are thermal insulators while diamonds are among the most efficient thermal conductors, exceeding copper. This makes telling the difference between diamond and cubic zirconia quite easy for those with the right instruments. (source Wikipedia)

I was planning these silver haul since a month now. Gold is running out of the hands and after looking at these silver accessories one cannot stop buying them. I just loved them as Gold and Silver are both considered precious since ages. I bought pretty and cute 3 earrings. Out of which two are studs and one is a dangler.


First is the Heart shaped stud which I am planning to gift it to my best friend whose birthday was on 2nd Feb and i could not make it to meet her that day… this is a cute one which has a CZ in the middle and has a heart shaped silver frame and base, with silver butterfly. It costs 500/-.

Second one is the another cute design with a CZ in the middle and three petals of silver above and which tapers below everything is fixed together to the stem with a silver butterfly. Out of all, this one is very delicate, supercute and thus I just love it. This I gifted to my dear sis. And she just loved it. It costs Rs. 450/- .

Third one is a dangler with a CZ in the middle and silver charm and it is with a hook. The design is pretty simple. This will be parting gift from me and my fiancé to our friend. She’s getting married on 14 Feb.. Yes, it’s sooo romantic no? As she is a Doctor too, I preferred this simple one for daily use. This one was also for Rs.450/-.

ring And now comes THE gift for my Love. I am so very excited about it. It is again a silver ring with six CZ in the middle. I am just loving this ring because it’s exactly the same as I wished. Just so so so loving it. It’s priceless for me but it costs 1100/- on which I got just Rs. 50 less. No discount on earrings. And I think all are Good buys. Which one do you like out of the silver earrings and what do you think about silver accessories? Will they like my gifts??

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35 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Beauty Haul & Gifts

  1. that dangler is so wow…… :inlove: :inlove: ….hey priyanka…..did you use the spray wala pink coloured gulabjal….it is terrible….it stings………………I threw the entire bottle away

  2. Love your haul.I love the Lotus Rose on my 3rd bottle. So I am sure u’ll like it. I am sure u’ll love Aloe Vera too..I am using Panatnjali aloe vera gel & loving it.
    Love your jewellery haul 🙂

  3. all d things in ur haul are pretty….. 🙂 esp. the ring…. very cute one priyanka 🙂
    but what is a gel based moisturiser? wont it be sticky… jus doubtful ?:)

  4. Hey Priyanka… loved the haul… btw- since u got engaged recently this will be ur 1st valentine with ur wud-be naa:) enjoiiii 😀
    loved all the jewellery and Im a big lotus fan so the products will be grt too 😀

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