Valentine’s Day Nail Art Tutorial

Simple Valentine’s day Nail Art

This is a simple nail art that I have tried! You don’t need too many tools to do this & anybody can try this! It will take just 20-30 minutes to complete the nail art including the boring part of waiting for the nail color to dry. So let’s get started!

Things you would need to do the nail art are

  • Oriflame crystal base & top coat.
  • Avon Simply Pretty Nail color- Graceful Nude
  • Painting brush
  • Avon Simply Pretty Nail color- Cherry Red
  • Tooth Pick

Valentines day nail artStep by Step Procedure to do the nail art

I. Massage your hands with a good hand cream & push back the cuticles.

II. Apply the base coat. The reason why a base coat is applied is because; they create a sticky adhesive base for the nail polish to hold onto & prevent nail polish from staining the nails.

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valentines day nail art

III. Apply one coat of Avon Simply Pretty Graceful Nude nail color & after it dries apply a second coat.

base coat

IV. Now take the painting brush & dip it in the Avon Simply Pretty Cherry Red nail color & start making outlines of hearts on each nail.

hearts outline

V. Fill the hearts with the red color.

fill hearts with red

VI. Take the tooth pick & make red dots on top of the hearts.

red dots

VII. Finally apply the top coat & your done!

final valentine's day nail art

Though it looks little clumsy, I enjoyed doing it. I’m happy because no matter how clumsy it looks, my guy likes it! 😉

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  1. Hey Uzma,

    this is cho chweet…. really cute…. Love it… and no! it’s not clumsy… :)) :waytogo: :heh: :inlove: :inlove:

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