VLCC Fruits Anti Tan Pack Review

Review on VLCC Fruits Anti Tan Pack

Hello beauties,
In this review I am going to talk about VLCC Fruits Anti Tan Pack.

PRICE– Rs 175 for 85 grams
Shelf life – 3 years

To start with I want to tell everyone here that I am not a face pack person. I am happy with my CTM procedure and sometimes also skip this in evenings when I get lazy. So for me doing face packs is a once a month thing or even once in two months. I just bought this because I didn’t have any face pack lying on the cupboard at that time plus this one is an ayurvedic product and that too with fruits extracts.

Ingredients of VLCC Fruits Anti Tan Pack:-

Product information from the back side of the tube:-
VLCC Fruits Anti Tan Pack for fair skin with cucumber and pineapple which lightens and softens sun exposed skin. Natural fruits extracts, uniquely combined with ayurvedic powder, in a cream base makes this a truly revolutionary product combining skin lightening action with all the cleansing, stimulating, smoothening softening and nourishing benefits of a creamy soft pack. Use twice a week. Suitable for all skin types.

Apply on clean skin, massage it gently for 5 minutes, and avoid eye area. Let it dry for 15 minutes, dampen and rinse off gently.
For best results: As your regular skin care regime, use along with VLCC’s cleanser, Toner and Face massage cream.

My take on VLCC Fruits Anti Tan Pack:-
This face pack comes in a yellow tube packaging with an outer cap (see picture below).


The texture is creamy (neither thick nor runny consistency). The smell is something like aloe and the cream is in white color (please see the swatch below).


As soon as I started applying it got dry instantly. Hence I didn’t know what I have to massage on? Still I massaged the pack as per the direction given and the dried face pack started shedding in small white particles which fell on my clothes and were hard to remove. I somehow massaged and left it for 15 minutes. By that time I was sure that my money in this face pack is wasted and it won’t do any good on my skin. After 15 minutes, I cleaned my face with a damp cloth and was amazed to see the result. This pack actually works. I can’t say anything about tanning because I didn’t have any tan that time but it made remarkable results on the skin because I felt my skin is softer and smoother than before. I can’t say anything about the lightening effect as I didn’t notice my before and after complexion. I think this is perfect for all complexions instead of restricting it to only fair skin. I have fair skin but I did not find anything extra ordinary in my complexion post usage of it. However I didn’t like its smell very much as well as its packaging. I always prefer a flip cap packaging for all my creams and pack. They are much convenient, easy to use and travel friendly.

Pros of VLCC Fruits Anti Tan Pack:-
1. Completely ayurvedic
2. Made skin amazingly soft and silky smooth
3. Didn’t dry my skin post usage of it.
4. Got easily removed with a lightly damp cloth
5. Suitable for all skin types
6. Suitable for all complexions
7. Has fruits extracts.
8. Complete listing of ingredients.
9. Reasonable pricing
10. Easily available everywhere

Cons of VLCC Fruits Anti Tan Pack:-
1. I didn’t liked its smell very much
2. Inconvenient packaging
3. Hard to massage as this dries quickly and on massaging it starts shedding.

Final verdict:
This is best face pack I have ever used. It did what it claims. The shedding thing can be sorted by using more products, I think. I just wished it has a flip cap packaging. Overall it’s a nice face pack and I love it very much. I would always be repurchasing this.
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17 thoughts on “VLCC Fruits Anti Tan Pack Review

  1. wow……I really need this after my recent Goa trip………I have terrible tan & I hope that it also works on my tan. 🙂

  2. wow awe sum produc :waytogo: t i m always looking out for such tan removing things hey do u by chance try this on arms kya 😉 ….my hands are worst tanned :spank: :spank: .want sumthing to remove tan from hands home made nuskas didnt work for me

  3. I get tanned so easily na, if I skip sunscreen even a single day, I return home getting brown after tanning, nice review , but for tan removal me use certain home made recipes which work out well for me !! Nice review, when I wont have time for home made recipes I will try this one ! :thumbsup: :thanks:

  4. nice review rupam.. i’ll also pick it up though i’m not tannedat all.. but vlcc products work on me so can surely try this out.. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

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