10 Walking Tips to Burn More Calories for Weight Loss

The first thing one should do when trying to lose weight is to grab a pair of walking shoes and keep aside at least 30 minutes either in the morning or evening for brisk walking. We often underestimate the benefits of walking because it’s not a high intensity activity, but a majority of people who have successfully lost a considerable amount of weight, started with brisk walking and then slowly graduated to high intensity workout. Obviously, it goes without saying, you should be setting straight your diet and for that, you can always fall back on Rati Beauty weight loss programs. Walking regularly not only helps one physically get healthy, it’s also a great activity to clear thoughts and boost mental health as well. Also, for people who are conscious of hitting the gym, walking is a great alternative. However, even when you are brisk walking, you can burn more calories than regular walkers and in this post, we would list out certain tips to accelerate your weight loss process. Just remember, one of the main reasons why one gains weight is because they are not walking enough!

Walking Tips to Burn More Calories for Weight Loss

Benefits of Walking Everyday:

1. Reduces stress and anxiety.

2. Less risk of injury since it’s a low-intensity physical activity.

3. Improves blood circulation.

4. Improves blood pressure

5. Burns calories

6. Increases stamina.

7. Decreases belly fat.

8. Strengthens leg muscles.

Tips to Boost Burn More Calories During Walking:

1. Choose a good pair of walking shoes. Low-quality shoes can hurt your feet and ankles, and make it extremely difficult to walk after a few days. That’s why one should always pick walking shoes with cushioning and snug fit, they should be comfortable, shouldn’t be too loose or tight, they should fit just right.

2.  Make a target to walk at least 10,000 steps through the day: Invest in a fitness band to track the number of steps each day, you can get fitness bands starting at 1000 INR. Studies have revealed that taking at least 10,000 steps helps to burn a good amount of calories.

3. Get up early for a morning walk: Though evening walks are equally good, morning walks come with added benefits – you can get fresh air and there are less distractions while you walk.

5. Start with at least 30 minutes and gradually increase the time to 45 minutes and then one hour.

6. Walking without music can get boring, so plug in earphones and listen to the music you love while walking.

10 Walking Tips to Burn More Calories for Weight Loss:

1. Change your pace with every few steps – Start with a slow pace and then once your body warms up, increase the pace, by adding a few minutes of jogging, and then walking briskly, and then at a fast pace. Repeat this every few steps. This will lead to more calorie burn in one hour.

2. Strolling is not the same as walking at brisk pace: Leisure walking will not help you burn any calories, walk at a steady pace, and increase the pace whenever you can during the walk.

3. Include jumping jacks and squats in between: Bodyweight exercises like jumping jacks and squats involve large muscle groups will boost higher calorie burn because they consume a lot of energy. Stop in between and do 20 to 25 jumping jacks and 15 squats for three reps.

4. Choose challenging walking paths and routes: Don’t walk the same path each day, it would get boring. Choose walking paths that have slopes and incline because it will burn more calories and boost metabolism as well.

5. Move your upper body and arms while walking: Swing your arms and move them instead of holding them stiff by your sides. This will help burn fat from the arms and also tone them up.

6. Keep your head and spine straight while walking: Form is important with any exercise, same goes with walking. Keep your spine and head straight to prevent any form of injury.

7. Walk in a fasted state: It’s a fact that we can burn more calories and burn stored fat working out in a fasted state.

8. Listen to fast-paced music: Listening to good music can take your mind off exhaustion and you would be able to walk for a greater amount of time without feeling tired or bored. Pick fast-paced music and match your steps with it.

9. Add weights: Weights can boost the whole calorie-burning process provided you do not have any spine or back problem. Ankle weights and weighted vest help burn a lot more calories provided you have no history of back problem or injury. Do it only two or three days in a week and on those days, decrease the duration of the walk.

10. Take shorter steps instead of long strides: Taking longer steps will exhaust you quickly, take smaller steps, and increase your pace to burn more calories.


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