7 Ways to Wear a Maxi Dress Casually

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Maxi Dress is one of the most versatile clothing piece which you can wear in number of ways. Maxi Dress can be worn in any season and you can wear them with a number of things. But still many people feel maxi dress will not suit their body type. Petite or short girls feel that maxi dress will not suit them. Thus, let’s have a look at different ways of how to wear a maxi dress casually.

7 Ways to Wear a Maxi Dress Casually

1. Wear with a Shirt:

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Why don’t you wear your maxi dress with a shirt? Just top your maxi dress with a simple cotton shirt and you will be good to go. This can be the perfect brunch outfit on hot summer days. White shirt goes with almost anything, but you can also try wearing shirts with contrast colours. If it’s a plain maxi dress then go for some fun and abstract printed shirts else go for solid coloured shirts.

2. Layer with a Jacket:

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This styling tip is for the winters. How about pairing a jacket over a maxi dress. This will be perfect to keep you cozy and warm and raise your styling game at the same time. Fitted jackets especially leather jackets work quite well with loose comfortable maxi dresses. But you can also opt for loose and casual jackets depending on the maxi dress fittings and colour.

3. Pair it with Pants:

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Yes, some maxi dresses can also be worn with pants. But it is mostly with shirt maxi dresses. Long shirts when paired with pants give a quite causal and laid back look. This can be your easy-going friday office look also.

4. Focus on the Waist:

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Maxi Dresses are mostly loose and has a laid back approach. Thus, why not clinch your waist with some belt and then it will look flattering on your figure. This will also give a neat and stylish look to your outfit.

5. Sneakers:

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These days pairing sneakers with maxi dresses is a latest trend. Thus, why not wear your maxi dress with some solid sneakers. This will give the perfect laid back look and is perfect for your causal outings. White sneakers goes a long way with maxi dresses. Thus, if you want to amp up your maxi style then an addition of a sneaker is a must.

6. Layering Layering:

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Layering is the perfect style for maxi dresses. Maxi dresses sometimes are deep cut dresses and you need to layer it with something light and breezy. Thus, you can wear your maxi dress with simple shirts or even crop tops.

7. Crop Tops:

Beautiful stylish girl in vintage lace blouse with ornament posing

You can also wear your maxi dress with crop tops. They will add style and glamour to your outfit and will also make your outfit stand out in the crowd. This is the perfect way to be causal and stylish at the same time.

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