How to Wear Clothes to Hide Your Tummy

You don’t need a perfect hour glass figure to look great. Some people, as I have noticed, have a good body but they don’t look smart. Whereas, some look great even though they have body flaws. Now, enough of my nonsense talk. The point I am trying to make is that you can look superb if you know your body shape and dress accordingly.

You can easily see women wearing shapeless clothes. What I get from their style is that they try to cover their bulging tummy but end up hiding their whole body. From a fashion point of view, nothing looks worse than seeing a big tummy hanging over the top of jeans or coming out from beneath an undersized top.

Being comfortable in your skin is good. But being this comfortable? I just don’t get it. Be trendy and fashionable but don’t be a clown.

Some tips to hide your tummy:

Here are some tips to that may help you choose clothes to hide your tummy fat. The best way to hide what is actually there is by creating a diversion.

Stomach Fat
Stay away from tight fitting clothes: Wear clothes that fit well. Tight clothes will accentuate your body flaws. On the other hand loose-fitting clothes will make you look too big.

Do not wear skinny jeans: Always opt for boot-cut or straight fitting jeans. Skinny jeans will accentuate your hips and torso as they are smaller at the bottom. Also, stay away from low-waisted jeans as they tend to draw more attention on waist.

Go for wide waistband trousers and skirts: Avoid any details on the front of the trousers. Also, avoid trousers with any pockets, mainly side pockets. As far as skirts are concerned do not wear slim miniskirts, as they will make you look heavier than you really are.

Wrapover and empire style dresses or tops will look very flattering on you. Choose tops that extend over your waistline. Short tops won’t do justice for you.

Avoid belts: Wearing belts around breast, waist or hip areas is a complete no no. They will draw more attention to the area you want to disguise.

Pay attention to colours: Always try and wear dark colors on the bottom, as dark colors tend to have slimming effect. Keep light colors toward the top when selecting an outfit. This will help you conceal your stomach.

Never tuck your blouses and shirts: Choose shirts or tops with embellished necklines to draw the eye up. V-necks and wide necklines will suit you.

Wear patterns on the lower half of your body to draw attention away from your belly. Try light layers to move the eye over problematic areas.

Just don’t limit yourself to these points. Your confidence and comfort matter more than what you choose to wear. Try out things that you like and have fun.

If you have any more tips to hide belly fat please share with us.

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