Makeup for Indian Bride| Indian Bridal Makeup

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Indian Bridal Makeup

Every girl dreams of looking a spectacular bride on her wedding day. Plan your Indian bridal makeup well in advance and talk to your beautician or makeup artist beforehand about the kind of look you want to create. Take time out especially for purchasing suitable makeup products if you will be doing your bridal makeup at home.

Concealer & Foundation

Even with facials and turmeric packs well in advance, you may notice some blemishes on your face on the D-day. To cover the reddish skin, use sheer color corrector and apply tinted moisturizer of yellowish green or olive green shade to neutralize it.

Use a deeply pigmented foundation and take professional help from the trained staff at beauty counters when you choose your shade for D-day. You cannot afford a mistake!

When you apply foundation, also go over your neck, exposed chest area, behind the ears and the back of the neck. This is so that your face does not stand out in stark contrast against the rest of your body as you stand in the bright lights.


If you are fair-skinned and want a fresh rosy look to go with pinks, whites, and other pastel-coloured outfits, then pink shades of blush are a good option. Yet, these may tend to look washed out and too light under the glare of intense stage lighting or for studio photography sessions. But these shades look wonderful in daytime weddings when you need to look more natural and mellow.

Considering that makeup for an ordinary event differs from bridal makeup because of stage lighting and photographs, a bronzer is a better option than blush. It naturally contours the face and gives it a glamorous glow, perfect for bright lights and close-up photographs. If you wish to appear subtle, look for salon services that use the air-brush technique and choose light shades such as cream, gold, and brown for warm undertones. For cool undertones, lilac, soft pinks and plums will do the job well.
indian bridal makeup


Deep warm lip colors such as mahogany and orange-browns; coppers, deep warm reds, chocolate, taupe, deep purple, plum and burgundy are fine choices for Indian complexions and also go well with the festive mood. These colours should be chosen according to the bridal outfit the bride wears and the time of the wedding event.

Bright and warm lip colors such as reds, orange-red, orange-gold, copper and warm beiges, creams and caramels blend well with similar shades in your bridal lehenga. If you are wearing slightly unconventional turquoise or purple lehengas then cool-toned colours such as fuchsia, magenta, blue-reds, shades of lilac and pink and make lips look plusher and fuller.

Dusky and olive-skin needs extra care while choosing lipstick shades for the bride. If you don’t want anything too off the wall, you can always stick to the classic maroons and brown colors with golden undertones for some extra style.

A wonderful fact about red shades of lipstick is that it makes the teeth look whiter, so you can happily flash that gorgeous smile!

One basic rule to remember as a bride is to make one part of your face the focus point. You may choose the eyes or the lips. If you’re doing bold accentuated eyes, then keep the lips simple and underplayed. And vice versa.


Current trends show that brides need not just stick to traditional rose pinks where eye makeup is concerned. If you like contemporary makeup, go for moss green, blue, turquoise or purple eyeshadows and eyeliners.

Otherwise, you can do the classic pinks and golds on your eyes with waterproof mascara and gel liner.


The overall bridal getup ought to be coordinated and colours should not jar with each other. A daytime wedding requires lighter more neutral shades to make the bride look natural, while a night wedding needs a more dramatic look.

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Radhika July 18, 2011 at 12:52 pm

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