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I really don’t know how to begin writing because there is so much i need to ask.

First of all i really appreciate the work you are doing. Trust me your blog has made life so much easier for amateurs like me, to dare trying make up on my own.

I happened to see your blog just yesterday when i was trying looking out for pink make up for eyes, for my sister’s wedding next month. You wont believe that i have been hooked on to your blog since past so many hours. For a moment i thought how come i never knew that makeup could be so much fun and so easy to do (thts wht it looks to me so far..thanks to your tutorials..yet to try it on my own).

The search for the make up began because of two reasons:

You so wanna look your best on the special days like your own sister’s wedding
The second main reason was, tht just few days back was my sister’s engagement and i went along with my sister to the parlor for the make up. I was so excited with the perfect saree tht i had chosen. But to my horror i looked not at alll pretty. With tht make up on, all my pics were showin as if i was loaded with layers of make up. It made me look so dark, which i really hated. Also the eye make was so dark for the day.
So i wanna consult you regarding few of the basic good quality products tht i should purchase, so tht i can try these simple make up techniques and not rely on inexperienced make up artists.

Below mentioned are my details
Complexion: Wheatish
Skin Type: Never got tested frm any MUA. My lids, nose upper lip part is quite oily. My cheeks also give a very oily look during summers. And in winters its dry. So dont know yet

Following are the products tht m plannin to buy, so need your opinion/suggestion on the same:
Loose Powder
Eye lIner Gel

Following are my observation regarding the products tht u recommended through your blog:

Primer: should i go for MAC Paint Pot in Painterly
Foundation: Confused at the moment regarding how to choose the right shade for my complexion. What all should i ask from the MUAS to help me select the right shade. Dont wanna get fooled by them. How is MAC Satin Finish?? suggest me the good ones please
Conceler: I could see that you really like the MAC Studio Finish concealer. But will it suit my skin type. How do i decide the shade like the NW and NC ???
I guess for loose powder i will go for BODY Shop one..
Also suggest shades of blushes for my complexion as well as a good mascara
I am also planning to buy basic brushes. Could you please let me know which ones should i buy and when to use which one.

I know there are too many queries, but would really appreciate if you can guide me in this. I really want to try things on my own and not depend on these parlous for makeup.

Look forward to your reply



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  1. hiya sakshi…. welcome onboard ๐Ÿ˜€
    mac paint pot is eyeshadow base/primer….. if you are looking for a face primer from mac, its prep+prime and itss awesom!!!!!!!!
    you will find tons of reviews on primers, concealers, foundations,lipsticks here on IMBB…but still i would suggest you should go out to stores and get things done on your face and see it for urself what suits you the best…. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. for selecting d right shade of foundation u MUST get it done on ur face and not swatched on ur hand…..check ur face in natural light and let it stay on ur face for like 1-2 hours before finalising ur shade… :victory2:

  3. hey sakshi…..
    fir the gel eye liner i wud suggest go for clinique gel liner its the best pigmented i hav seen so far….though it is expensive but it goes a long way …i mean it wount get over only….and its super water me i tried it on my hand put water rubbed it till my skin got red but still no harm to the liner……it is superb…..

  4. hey sakshi…..
    fir the gel eye liner i wud suggest go for clinique gel liner its the best pigmented i hav seen so far. :jaiho: …though it is expensive but it goes a long way …i mean it wount get over only….and its super water me i tried it on my hand put water rubbed it till my skin got red but still no harm to the liner……it is superb….. :yahoo:

  5. Hi Sakshi – me not a pro at this and I am sure you will get some really amazing suggestions from the Pros but here is my 2 cents bit –

    I would recommend a primer to start with. I use the Maybelline for my oily/combination skin so my suggestion is that one. I am sure there are others and you can eventually decide.
    For concealer I am a big fan of MAC too and after having tried and tesed many others, i zeroed in on MAC. I use NC 42. I am slightly fair and like i mentioned i am oily/combination. I would also suggest an eyecream before using the concealer so that the application is easier and smoother.
    Foundation – I use MAC too for occasions. Mine is a NC 40. On a daily basis i use a tinted sunblock.
    For loose powder I am currently using the Revlon Mineral finishing powder and liking it very much. I have used Body shop before and I like that very much too so if you prefer that, go for it. Thats a good purchase.
    eyeliner – I personally prefer the Maybelline gel eyeliner in black but for the wedding perhaps you can use some colored eyepencils from faces/NYX/Colorbar etc. I like the forest green and the aqua blue in Faces
    mascara – I use the Maybelline collosal Volume one (i hardly use mascara but when i do, i use this one)
    Blush – I recently purchased the one from Coloressence. this brand is available online but you could try the one from loreal or Revlon. Those are a good bet for you and they have some lovely shades. I think a mauve or a dark pink would work very well for you.

    Have a great time and my best wishes to your sis as well on her wedding day

  6. Hi Sakshi. I also agree with Nupur. Go to the store and try the shades on face. Mac has good trained staff and will help you out thoroughly for colours and products. :waytogo:

  7. hi ..i think i have considerable experience in shopping for makeup for weddings..go for the freedom system from inglot ..all colors of ur choice in one very swish pallette ..i have gifted one to my sister and she cannot stop raving abt it .
    Gel eyeliner..inglot or mac for colored eyeliners
    foundation:mac studio fix and concealer also from mac …get urself swatched instore .
    lipsticks:maybelline,lakme,mac ,revlon >>some nudes and some birghts and some in between colors.
    highlighter:mac vanilla pigment is the best !nothing else comes close.
    duraline from inglot:to convert ur powder eyeshadows to liners …so u have unique liners!
    all the best :enjoy !lots of love and luck to your sister

  8. here are my two cents :

    dont go for mac satin finish. If your skin is oily. it is definitley not for you. as everyone suggested do try the products on your face and then purchase. May be dont purchase the same day. see how they go on your face for one day and then may be the next day you may purchase. mac studio finish or pro longwear would be good picks.

    as shweta suggested picking up stuff from inglot freedom system would be excellent. they also make palettes with compact powder, blush eyeshadow, brow powder etc so you can have your basics all in one place. Just dont mix cream and powder products ion one palette. the powder may fly during the usage and can damage your cream products as well. you can have lipgloss, lipstick, and concealer in one .

    really liking maybelline hypercurl mascara these days. you can buy maybelline fruity jelly lipgloss also. it’s kinda nice for 150 bucks.

    for every basic brushes you can check the body shop . their brushes are nice.

    um.. hope that helps. do note down suggestions offered by everyone and may be scout the market. you’d get a good idea of the products you can pic.

    Lakme silk liners are excellent.bourjois kohl contour and bourjois lip pencils are good budget options.

  9. Even I want answers to this question has one of my cousins wedding come up ๐Ÿ™‚
    But few suggestions from my side which I have learnt from IMBB
    Primers – Mac or NYX both have good primers
    foundation – Mac is good option here, I totally agree with Nupur that you should first go to shop and get it done on your face..roam around for few hours and see how it looks on you..then only go for it…also its very very important that foundation does not give u a white cast in pics so check out foundations which are photogenic..I know only about one such ie Revlon’s Photoready foundation..and this one also seems to be good!
    Loose powder – I dont own any loose powders as of now but heard a lot abt TBS and its a grt option..also you can keep a compact handy for intbetween touch compact I would suggest Revlon’s touch & Glow..its damn good!
    Concealer – Def MAC..I am currently using it and loving it to the core! also check out the new Garnier Roll On Tinted one..I bought it and though its not a grt concealer but its fab for everyday use and brighten’s the eye are on no time! :yes:
    Blushes – Check out Maybelline mousse blush and colorbar blushes..they are good and value for money!
    Hope this helps ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Sakshi echoes my thoughts completely about chancing upon this blog and being hooked on it. I have been hooked for the last 3 months and I am collecting some great stuff for my wedding ๐Ÿ™‚ Sorry to be irrelevant to this thread, but just wanted to say this once ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. thnks Sakshi,

    i have been thinking to post the same query as im getting married in february…n im dumbo abt all these stuffs….thnks to all imbb gang….i just bookmarked it…im starting my cosmetic shopping from next week.

    all the best to u sakshi ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Hey,
    everyone has given great suggestions.. I wanted to add my two cents as I recently got married and did my own makeup. You need good brushes. ELF studio and Sonia kashuk are affordable and really good. In fact you can get 11 brush set from ELF studio for 15 USD since they usually have some or other promotion. Their powder brush is amazing. Sonia kashuk bent eyeliner brush is must have if you use gel liners..

  13. yaar meri wedding mei to itna sara cosmetic nahi tha………..i am not in position to suggest but ya can tell u one thing ur question will help me to know wht all things i have to add in my vanity…

  14. Hello all,
    m overwhelmed with the suggestions. Thanks a lot for such wonderful tips. I was just goin thru the posts and i realised this one was the email i sent to rati :shame: first i got a lil embarrassed but then its okay ๐Ÿ™‚
    Well as of now i have picked the followin:
    – The Body Shop loose face powder
    – Body Shop Lip stain
    – Odered the 12 brushes kit from sigma :toothygrin: (i dint mind investin considerin it will go on for a long time and will keep learing thru experimentation).

    I chose a wrong day to go to the mall to buy the goodies as it was the eid off, and the stores were filled up with people. so will go on a workin day wen i think the MUAs will attend to me properly ๐Ÿ™‚

    Most prob will go the MAC tom to buy first try the foundation and conceler.

    ALso wanna buy some eyeshadow palletes in the followin shades, so can any one of you suggest which brand to go for :
    – Neutrals
    – Pinks
    – Golden
    – Purples/Violet
    Which eyeliner gel will be better MAC, inglot or Maybelline???


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