How Weight Loss Affects your Body and Can Bring Physical Changes

You know what’s the biggest gift you could give yourself if you have a few extra pounds and feel unhealthy due to that  – starting on a weight loss journey right now! It’s also the most effective way to get a complete and amazing makeover. When done the right way, losing weight, has multiple benefits, apart from improving your health, it can completely change your body – you can see amazing changes from head to toe – from your hair to the toenails. The most apparent effect of weight loss is slimming down of body and losing inches off the waist, but wait, there’s more ways in which weight loss affects the whole body, and in this post, we detail point wise how you can undergo a physical transformation totally. So, being on a good weight loss diet, like Rati Beauty diet, not only helps to shed extra pounds, there are a lot of unexpected benefits as well, so here you go:

How Weight Loss Affects your Body and physical changes

1. Face: We all know by know that spot reduction is a myth and that’s why you cannot slim down the face with exercise alone. When you follow the right kind of diet, such as the Rati Beauty diet (on the Rati Beauty app), you can reduce extra flab from all over the body, including the face. In fact, researchers at the University of Toronto have found out that people need to lose at least 8 to 9 pounds (approximately 4 kg overall) before anyone else or they themselves can see change in their face. Dieting and exercise can make face more toned and give it a slim appearance. You can define and sculpt facial muscles with exercises such as these (7 Facial Yoga Exercises to Tone Your Face).
2. Glowing Complexion: Your skin would glow naturally and from within since you are eating healthy and there’s less inflammation and insulin resistance.With right dietary and eating practices, insulin sensitivity improves and the skin clears up. Weight loss improves insulin resistance and with it improves the appearance of acanthosis nigricans which is darkening and discoloration of skin, particularly around the face area. Eating healthy, dieting, and exercising not only lowers weight, it also reduces inflammation in the body, and that means bye bye to skin woes like dry skin, acne, and patchy skin. Your skin would glow and look younger because insulin spikes caused by high refined sugar in the body causes inflammation of skin which leads to premature ageing, wrinkles, acne, and uneven skin tone.
3. The Body Balances Out Hormones: Hormonal imbalances can create havoc in the body – triggering a lot of health problems. Losing weight the right way can help balance out important hormones and their functioning. For example, thyroid, insulin, estrogen, leptin, cortisol, ghrelin, progesterone, melatonin, and even growth hormone stabilize with weight loss.
4. Reduces Inflammation: Just like hormonal imbalance, increased inflammation can trigger life-threatening diseases like cancer. When you lose weight, you get to lower inflammation, and thereby reduce the risk of such diseases.
5. You Get To Sleep Well: Having difficulty sleeping at night? Try losing weight, and not only would you able to sleep well and tight, you would snore less because the extra fat around the nasal cavity would also melt away.
6. Stress Reduction: Lowering stress is important for overall good health and with weight loss, you get to lower cortisol levels as well. So, you not only look amazing, you feel amazing too! Losing weight is actually an awesome way to boost mental health.

7. Say Hi To Beautiful Hair: On the right kind of weight loss diet, you eat nutrient-rich food which stimulate hair follicles and boost hair growth.
8. Say Bye Bye to Belly Fat and Flabby Arms: This should have been on top of the list, but anyhoo, though belly fat is considered stubborn, you can lose it all and say bye bye to flabby arms as well.
9. Your Tastebuds will Improve: You will fall in love with “bhindi ki sabzi” all over again because while trying to lose weight, you had given up on processed food, which unknown to many people, tend to dull out tastebuds and decreases the appeal of healthy and clean food. So, once you are off of processed food, you can enjoy the taste of real food.

10. Improved Confidence Level: Can’t deny the fact that losing weight and getting lighter can take your confidence level to another level.

Additionally, with the correct diet, like Rati Beauty, you could also keep certain hormones in check that directly affect body shape and cause weight gain. So, get up and start your weight loss journey right now.

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