Wet n Wild Flat Top Brush Review

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I had previously reviewed Wet n Wild Foundation Brush, Wet n Wild Small Concealer Brush and Wet n Wild Smoky Liner Brush and I have mixed feelings about the collection. Today’s review is about Wet n Wild Brush which is the last one in my hand as of now. I had picked this brush intentionally because I wanted a low cost foundation/buffing brush for touch-ups during working hours. Let’s see if this one served my purpose or proved to be a dud.

Wet n Wild Flat Top Brush Review

Product Description:
This all-purpose brush is expertly designed with a head and densely packed bristles to pick any formula from liquid to powder. With an ergonomic handle for perfect grip, this brush can do no wrong. This collection is cruelty free, vegan and gluten free. The two toned synthetic polymax fibres mimic the consistency of natural hair.
$2.99 in USA, but costs more post import. I purchased for $6 locally.

Wet n Wild Flat Top Brush details

My Experience with Wet n Wild Flat Top Brush:

I already own Sigma F80 Flat Top, Sigma 3d-hd and Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, and I will not compare this one to them because price point makes a huge difference. Starting with the packaging and look, Wet n Wild brush line come in transparent plastic cases with black cardbox strip to display details of the brush.

Wet n Wild Flat Top Brush head

The brush handle carries Wet n Wild logo, I wish they also have name or number imprinted on the handle because not everyone is going to keep them in their cases forever. Anyway, there is a groove on the middle just below the ferrule for better control while handling and application and the groove does its job well – undoubtedly a great idea. The handle and ferrule both are made of plastic (read average quality plastic), but then what more can you ask for mere one dollar. The synthetic fibres are claimed to be duo fibre but I can’t validate it. They can just be colored in two tone – white and baby pink (not really appealing for clicks but the white theme looks fairly attractive when you hold the brush). The white handle gets untidy and invites a lot of makeup stains and needs to be wiped afterwards.

Wet n Wild Flat Top Brush bristles

Wet n Wild Flat Top brush is a really decent brush from a drugstore brand for just 3 dollars. Despite being super affordable, it does a great job at blending liquid foundations seamlessly and buffing powder foundations. I haven’t used it for a cream foundation because I don’t have one at the moment. It leaves your foundation with a natural finish effortlessly without leaving streaks. The bristles are silky and soft and I love the color of the brush – pink and white.

Wet n Wild Flat Top Brush top

A few bristles had shed initially when I washed it for the first time – no shedding afterwards. The bristles retained their shape after drying and the brush was squeaky clean without any trouble. The brush dries fast and you can use it again sooner than other face brushes with dense bristles.

In my opinion, Wet n Wild Flat Top Brush is a good option for beginners and those on non-flexible budget for makeup but not a tool for professionals. I love it on its own and not as a replacement to my Sigma or RT brushes.

Pros of Wet n Wild Flat Top Brush:

  • An affordable brush for liquid and powder foundations.
  • Perfect and non-streaky application.
  • Easy to wash, the bristles get squeaky clean easily and dry fast for next use.
  • Perfect density of bristles.
  • Bristles retain shape and quality after wash.
  • The groove of handle offers better grip and control.
  • Good for beginners.
  • Aesthetically, this white theme looks appealing.
  • Plastic case to keep brush hygienic.
  • Easily available.

Cons of Wet n Wild Flat Top Brush:

  • Great for beginners but not for pros.

IMBB Rating:
Would I Recommend/Repurchase Wet n Wild Flat Top Brush?
Yes, I recommend and would repurchase this brush.

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