Which Type Of Single Girl Are You?

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Hi ladies,

There are all kinds of relationships and all kinds of single girls. Some are enjoying their life to the fullest and some are desperately looking for love! Which type of single girl are you? Let’s find out in this post.
Which Type Of Single Girl Are You

The Cynic:

She is an eternal pessimist. She feels nothing good can happen with her when it comes to relationships. Even if a very good guy approaches, she finds weird ways to turn him down because she always thinks that there is a catch! My advice would be to take a chance on life and be open to whatever life throws at you!

The Romantic:

You live in your own little romantic world, full of rom-coms and lovey-dovey novels. Your idea of romance is that of fairy tales. You have your own love story etched in your heart and mind and you want nothing but that! You are a true mush at heart and chuckle when reading those romantic articles on the internet.
Romantic girl

The Free Spirit:

You are independent and fiercely confident of your own self. You make look like a non committal but all you want is to be free and do your own things. You are unperturbed by what people may think of you and you are quite happy with your relationship status.

The Overlooked:

She is the one who doesn’t know her own worth. She thinks that there are no fairytale romances and in life, you have to settle. Well, baby girl! Sit back and look around! There may be someone out there who will shower you with all the love in the world and who would help you achieve all your dreams.

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The Clock Watcher:

She verges on the craziness kind of single! She is ready to have your babies as long as you look good and have a good financial standing. She thinks her body clock is ticking and all she wants is 3 children and a dog and then maybe love!

The Bulldog

She doesn’t feel anyone is good enough for her. She is single because she feels there can never be a guy who is worthy of her. This might be the reason; most of the boys are intimidated by her personality and never approach her!

The Mess:

She has just gotten out of a relationship-single! She has had her poor heart broken and now she just can’t trust guys or love. She feels that she would never love anyone else but you will dear! Just give your little heart to mend on its own.

The Picky B*tch:

You have your own little checklist for every guy you meet and if that particular guy doesn’t tick all the boxes, then he is gone for you. You don’t give anyone any chances to come near your heart if he doesn’t fit the bill.

The Fatalist:

You have had 2-3 serious relationships in the past but nothing worked out for you. So, you are just chilling in your bed and watching the life happen. You are single and have totally given up on the idea of love.

The Pragmatist

: For you, business comes first then pleasure! You don’t want any fairy tale romance but just a stable life with a sensible partner. You are not looking for any silver linings on the cloud but the one who will be able to put up with all your and life’s demands.
Fairy tale roamnce

The Serial Dater

: This is the kind of girl who has never been in a serious and nurturing relationship in her life. She has had string of relationships but nothing ever worked out for her on the relationship front. She is clearly desperate for love and sometimes come out as needy but this might be the reason that no relationship of yours have ever worked out!

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