Things You Should Accept If You Want a Stable and Happy Relationship

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Relationships are tricky as there are no set rules. Relationships are different for everybody. Some things work for someone but may not work for someone else. In today’s post, let’s find out what things that we have to accept of our partner’s and his surroundings for happy relationship bliss.

Things You Should Accept If You Want a Stable and Happy Relationship

There will be good and bad times:
No relationship is perfect. Perfect could be boring too. Silly and little fights make for great memories, but sometimes there could be really big fights too. It does not mean that all love is lost between you two. When you get in a relationship, remember there will be truly out of the world moments and there will be some really huge fights too. Just do not forget to be on each other’s side even when you are fighting.

He is not perfect:

No one on this planet is perfect. We all have flaws, even you are flawed too.  So, do not expect your partner to be perfect all the time. He is only human! Instead of cribbing and criticizing him all the time, let him know that you didn’t like a certain thing that he did in a polite manner.

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He will make mistakes:

He will not make correct decisions all the time. There will be times when even you will have to bear the brunt of his mistakes, but that’s how relationships are; accepting each other’s flaws and still loving that person unconditionally.

You can be wrong too:

It is very easy for us to blame him for something that he did ages ago, but we never really admit our mistakes. At least I don’t! If you want to be in a happy and stable relationship then learn to accept your mistake and try to not repeat it ever!

Their past:

Everyone has a past. Some choose to ignore it and some talk about it. When you have chosen an option out of the two then stick with it. It is not healthy to bring up a topic from his past when you two are fighting just to blame him. You can be in a happy mind space only when you have made peace with his past.


He cannot read your mind:

If something is bothering you, then the best thing to do is communicate. Trust me on this; boys don’t really excel at picking up subtle hints. Talking about an issue in a mature way is way better than fighting about something later on. This will help you save many arguments and misunderstandings between you and your partner.

You get married to the family too:

You love your fiancé but don’t really get along with the family. What would you do then? When you get married, you get married to the family too especially in our country. The best way to adjust to the new situation is to learn to love his family too like your own. You won’t mind their presence after some time 😛

There will be some things that you cannot change:

Everyone has pet peeves. In a relationship, we all know each other’s small little things. Some may be endearing to you but some may be downright irritating! He may not be a cleanliness freak like you are but with due course of time you both adjust to each other’s liking and become more accepting of each other’s habits too. So, just give you and your partner sometime. You might just start loving even those really irritating things too.

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3 thoughts on “Things You Should Accept If You Want a Stable and Happy Relationship

  1. Very well written Vandana. Every couple needs to realise and accept these facts. Accepting that your partner too is a human and will make mistakes no matter how much you love them can really help strengthen a relationship.

  2. Yes it’s true… But it not about my feelings nor intentionally… If my laws are not behaving like they are like my second parents they are treating like typical law then how do stay like a daughter??… But he says every time be like daughter try to do adjustment n all.. But some times I can’t… Am working women it’s little gose difficult to handle big familt.. Then we also need some change atleast once in a month… But it can’t in my life from last 3 years…
    How do i manage my self in this??

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