Why Do I Still Look Fat Even After Losing Weight?

“Why do I still look fat even after losing weight?” This is a common question most of us seem to ask after looking into the mirror even though there’s considerable decline on the numbers on the weighing scale. This is complete opposite to times when you look slim but there’s no change on the weighing scale (Read more about it here). In this post, we will explore factors which are making you look overweight even after considerable weight loss on the scale.

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1. You are not working out: A good diet should be supplemented with workout. In fact, daily exercises help to shape and tone your body. Your body, especially the upper back area, arms, tend to hold on to fat and if there is no exercise, with weight loss, they would become flabby and that’s one of the most common reasons why women tend to look obese even after weight loss. In fact, do check out the amazing exercise routines on Rati Beauty app to look lean and develop those as abs as well.

2. Water Retention: One of the most common contributor to someone looking overweight is water retention. Too much salt, sedentary lifestyle, not drinking enough water can all cause water retention. Here are some ways to get rid of water retention the natural way.

3. Hormonal Imbalances: Thyroid problems, PCOD, and hormonal fluctuations can cause both water retention and bloating and it may look you a bit obese.

4. Bloating: That stuffed feeling where your tummy looks bigger is a rampant feeling and rest assured, it’s not because you have gained all the lost weight. Belly bulges and a distended abdomen can be because of these reasons, so avoid them completely.

5. You have a negative body image: A negative body image can completely ruin your weight loss goals because it can get you off the weight loss wagon. Body image is the impression a person has about his/her appearance and how they feel about their body, and this feeling can be either positive or negative. Someone with a negative body image often see themselves as fat even though they may have completely normal body mass index. Do read about some amazing tips on “how to stay motivated during the weight loss process.”

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6. Diet and exercise can cause temporary swelling and water retention: Some people complain that they are seeing weight gain even after exercising and dieting, and that’s because the muscle fibers develop micro tears and inflammation with the additional stress caused by exercise. Because of this reason, the body tends to hold water as a healing process. However, these are just temporary tears and once you get used to the routine, all that water weight will drop, and you will look fit and toned.

7. You are PMSing: It’s quite natural for women to feel that they have put on weight right before their periods because the body tends to retain water in anticipation of loss of blood. So, do not fret, once your periods are over, you will look normal all over again.

8. You are taking too much sodium: As we have mentioned earlier, excessive salt intake can lead to water retention and as a result, you may look bloated and overweight, and not due to fat formation.

9. You are losing muscle and fat: When you do not follow the proper exercise routine, you tend to lose both fat and muscle with weight loss, so do follow Rati Beauty exercise routines to retain muscle and lose fat to become a better version of yourself.

10. You are in the process of toning: When you are routinely exercising, muscles tend to build up, pushing out fat, and that means you are losing intramuscular fat, which is actually good news. This temporary process will lead to burning of intramuscular fat and you would soon look leaner and slim, just keep exercising and dieting.

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