Why You Shouldn’t Use Cornstarch to Bake Your Face

YouTube makeup artists and Instagram artists come up with crazy makeup trends every day. Everyone wants to find natural ingredients to use when doing makeup but sometimes you cannot use stuff from your kitchen on your face. Currently, baby powder and cornstarch seem to be enjoying the limelight for baking the face. Before you try this trend, you must know few things.

Why You Shouldn't Use Cornstarch to Bake Your Face

1. There are a few translucent setting powders which do state they have cornstarch in their ingredients but that is a minimal amount. Too much use of cornstarch can dry out your skin.

2. If you have already dry skin but love baking, you need to stay thousands of feet away from cornstarch. It will dry out your skin in a bad way and sometimes can make it flaky.


3. This does not mean that oily skinned beauties can jump on this trend. If you have extremely sensitive skin, you can get boils on your face because of using too much cornstarch to bake. I am writing this article after trying cornstarch on my face and it did not do well for me.

4. Cornstarch will not keep away your foundation from creasing. It will fade away from your face and if you have oily skin like me, it will do nothing at all after an hour. It is absolutely useless to use this on your face to set your foundation and concealer.

5. The cornstarch used in cosmetic products is pre-treated which makes it alright to use on the face. Excessive use of makeup constantly can always be an issue for the skin. But using cornstarch from your kitchen can be a bigger issue.

6. Cornstarch is not a preservative and it is often exposed to lots of moisture and countless bacteria plus it can breed fungal substances. If you start sweating even a little when you have cornstarch on your face, you will just call out to bacteria. This will cause break outs and spoil your skin. I made the mistake of using it once and it did give me small inflammation on the skin. Although it is completely fine now but why take the risk? If your skin doesn’t heal quickly, you will spoil your skin for no reason.

oily skin
If you think the idea of spending tons of money on setting powders is crazy, here are some affordable great options for you:

1. RCMA no colour powder – I have oily skin which makes my foundation and concealer crease like crazy. I have been using this incredible powder which is only for 10 dollars for a ton of amount. This is a great product for oily skinned beauties.

2. ELF studio high definition powder – This 3 dollar powder is magical and can help save your concealer from creasing. Several makeup artists swear by this.

3. COTY airspun loose face powder – Not many know about this brand but I have used this and I love it. This is one of my Holy Grail makeup products and if you have oily sensitive skin like me, you need to try this.

4. Rimmel stay matte pressed powder – This is yet another amazing powder which will not break the bank. This will keep your face matte the entire day and is perfect for any skin type.

5. Maybelline fit me + matte and poreless powder – This is a pressed powder which is great for those who want to hide pores and also keep creases away.

I hope this post helped you out.

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