Why Women Love Shoes

Why Women Love Shoes?

Shoes form one of the most important aspects of a woman’s wardrobe and a vital part in her day to day life. Many a curious husband asks his beloved wife, ‘But why do you have to buy so many pairs of shoes?’ If you face the similar situation, you must know how tough it is to answer this question. Or perhaps, you have never given it a serious thought! It is now a known fact that women love shoes. But have we ever thought about the reasons that lie behind this love? Shoes are hard to resist for women but why is it so? Women adore heels but what makes this bond so special? I hope this article is going to satisfy your quest for a satisfactory answer!

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Hottest Trends In Shoes For Women.
However, before we go into any further discussion, let me give you a list of the hottest fashionable shoes liked by women. The stilettos are ever-attractive with their lean five-inch heels and are perfect for a dinner date. The classic pumps, on the other hand, is classy and suits any semi-formal occasion you can think of. The flat ballerinas are very comfortable and look extremely cute. Boots are perfect for cold climate and you can wear them with jeans as well as skirts with equal ease. Flip-flops, with their straps, are dressy and you get them in various styles and colors. Sandals are an all-time favorite as they come in a variety of fashionable styles and can be paired with sarees, salwar-kameez, skirts and jeans wonderfully. Wedges and sling-backs are also liked by thousands of women addicted to shoes.


Why Women Are Addicted To Shoes?
The women-shoe duo is famous and here are the top reasons for the boundless love that is known to exist between them:
Style Statement: Every woman wants to look good at the end of the day. But that is definitely not the end! She wants to feel comfortable too. Thus, to mingle fashion with the feel-good factor, she needs to keep experimenting with the variety of styles available. The end result is the hundreds of pairs that accumulate in the wardrobe!
Variety And Range: Looking different is as important as looking glamorous! After all, you cannot keep repeating the same style and same assets over and over again. Therein comes the need for variety. You need to match your shoes perfectly with the outfits you wear. So, women love to invest in various shoes to match with various garments. Shoes accentuate your personality and you can look hot or plain, serious or frivolous just by opting for the right kind of shoe!
To Cater To Various Roles: Women are not only college students, university goers, teachers in international schools and top executives in MNCs but also lovers, daughters-in-law, wives, home-makers and mothers. These different roles call for different dressing types and attitudes. While she can wear a flat sandal to college, she has to wear a pair of stilettos while she is on a date and a boot when she is going on a holiday to a hill-station along with her family. Thus, women love shoes for she loves so well the different roles she plays.

She Loves Shopping: Women love shopping and when you are depressed or you want a change, you go shopping. With so many discount sessions and sales going on in shoe stores, it is hard to resist buying the pair you like so much at an affordable price.

Do Women Need A Reason To Love Shoes?

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Pure Love Knows No Reason! Well, is there a reason you can site specifically as to why a mother loves her child or why a husband loves his wife? Or say, why a man is addicted to alcohol or a boy loves to smoke? Is there a reason for you to love Rock music genre while your best friend might love soft romantic tracks? Love knows no reason and it comes naturally when your heart responds well to someone or something! So, women love shoes just because she LOVES them. She may not have a reason necessarily to love someone or something.


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31 thoughts on “Why Women Love Shoes

  1. a nice pair of heels, a chic pair of ballet flats , can make your so so outfits look superb.. i just started loving shoes the way i do.. and i love the fact tht they make some street clothes look so chic…

    1. a lovely pair of shoes add glamour to the dress u wear..no matter how expensive or how cheap :woot:

  2. Last pic is just awesome, am not that crazy for shoes but yess i love stone studed once a lot especially love them on others , i dont buy much myself though!

  3. Whoa! This has to be my favo article….Two more reasons to buy shoes….high heels cause the back to elevate a little, thus defining the contours of the derriere…also some research articles quote that women tend to feel more sensual becoz of the curve…high heels also tighten the calf muscles… apart from that I just need any damn excuse to buy shoes :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot:

      1. Onek dhonnobad..ur welcome dear…my monday office blues are kept at bay when i wear my stilletoes… :haanji:

  4. i just luv shoes.. dont need a reason.. i need a pair to suit each n every outfit.. :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance:

  5. Very Nice Article Somreeta! :waytogo:

    I used to wear heels awhen I was in school and I used to love them…I am a bit in the taller side and wearing heels makes me look like Pole :headbang: and now I am completely out of habit!! :wilt: :wilt: 😥 😥
    I just go for window shopping and sigh on the stilettos displayed!! :methinks: :drool:

      1. oops….even im tall and i used to feel embarrassed to wear heels wen i was a teenager! but now i know people who commented on my height were actually jealous! and i wear my stilettos showing them i have wat they dont..its never late Pooja! just go for it :woot:

  6. you know shoes never ditch you when it comes to size. Whether you grow fat or thin , shoes would always be there to make you feel pretty. :toothygrin:

  7. My mom never understands this… 😐 😐
    She’s like why do you need a strappy sandal/boots/sneakers/open toes etc. Just buy 1 black one and you’re all set. :sidefrown:
    Ab unko kaun samjhaye how important shoes are for girls O:) O:) :toothygrin:

    1. Akshima……just make her understand dat u r not the only one 🙂 and im sure, she being a woman, has this love suppressed in her….its ur duty to chanelize the love 😉 and of course, u can always make her read this post :heh:

  8. Ooh I love shoes too.. but Im most often in my most basic walking shoes cos that’s what I need. Rains here, all nice shoes hibernating 🙁

  9. Lovely article..infact any article about shoes is gotta be lovely 😉 reading and knowing more about shoes just makes my day!!

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