10 Awesome Couple Tattoo Ideas for Love Birds!

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Tattoo is an ancient art form and it is more than just style for those who go through this painful process. Tattoo designs are not random things. Like every tattoo, couple tattoos also have their own story to tell. Creating your own tattoo design is always good but in today’s post I will update you about the popular tattoo designs for couples and hope you get lots of ideas from them!

10 Awesome Couple Tattoo Ideas for Love Birds!first

1. The Lock and Key Tattoo:
The lock and key tattoos can mean various things. Usually the lock is made in heart shape and the other person holds the key. The lock and key tattoo means that one partner holds the key to unlock the heart of the partner. A lock also represents secret and mystery. Therefore, it can also mean that you’re locking your love secrets from the world. The mystery makes the design sexy and the heart-shaped lock design makes it look cute at the same time. This design has both masculine and feminine touch to it.

10 Awesome Couple Tattoo Ideas for Love Birds!lock

2. The Date Tattoo:
You can ink an important date in roman number. It could be the date when you first met or proposal day or your anniversary or may be a date or year when you both overcame a major relationship hurdle. Those numbers will remind you the past hurricane in your relationship and how your relationship boat survived because of love for each other.

12 Relationship Myths Badly Busted!roman

3. The Connect Tattoo:
Connecting tattoo is an awesome idea for couples. It’s romantic and you can really go creative here. Choose a design that only completes when you’re together like each of you may ink half heart on each wrist which becomes a full heart when you join the hands together. It could also be a sentence or a word. Connecting tattoo kind of conveys the message that “we’re incomplete when we’re away from each other”.

10 Awesome Couple Tattoo Ideas for Love Birds!connect

4. The Name Tattoo:
What can be a better way to express your love than writing each other names on your body? Name tattoo is also popular in the celebrity circle. Also, name tattoo is good for those who’re afraid of pain. You can get a small size tattoo by just writing the initial letter of your partner.

10 Awesome Couple Tattoo Ideas for Love Birds!name

5. The Infinity Tattoo:
Infinity tattoo design implies that your love for each other is infinite. It could also mean that you love each other even after death.


6. The Quote Tattoo:
If both of you’ve any favorite lines which represent your love perfectly, then it could be an awesome tattoo idea for you. To make it more special and unique, you both can work together to write down your own lines.

10 Awesome Couple Tattoo Ideas for Love Birds!quote

7. The Ring Tattoo:
Never leave a chance to tell the world that you’re awesomely engaged with your partner each and every moment of your life even when or if you’re not wearing a real ring in your finger with ring tattoos.


8. The King and Queen Tattoo:
King and queen tattoo conveys a very special message of love and respect for each other. And the king and queen crown designs look beautiful and classy.

10 Awesome Couple Tattoo Ideas for Love Birds!kingqueen

9. The Puzzle Tattoo:
Puzzle tattoos mean that individually you make no sense but all pieces fit together when you’re with each other. Somewhat similar to connect tattoo but tattoo designs are completely different.


10. The Matching tattoo:
There is no harm in inking same designs. We love wearing matching outfits when we’re in love then why not a matching tattoo! A matching tattoo will make you feel uniquely connected with each other always!


If you’re a first timer, I would request you to consult your doctor before taking this big step and please do lots of research before going to a tattoo parlor. Don’t do it from a random or cheap place. Take your time and save money to get it done from a safe tattoo parlor. Promise me girls that you’ll keep these things in mind.

What do you think about couple tattoos? Do you have any favorite couple tattoo design? Or please share the story of your tattoo design if you already have one!

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