10 Big Fat Lies about Weight Loss You Need to Stop Telling Yourself

By Chanchala Bose

Hi dearies,

There are so many myths and confusions regarding weight loss and staying fit that you tend to believe all of them. Many people tell numerous lies as per their comfort and choice to stay fit. So here are ten weight loss related lies that we all hear quite often. Read what they are and why you need to stop believing them.


1. Eggs are “bad” for weight loss

Eggs are quite versatile. They offer loads of proteins which not only lead to weight loss but also are great skin and hair. An egg a day also reduces the risk of heart diseases and makes for a super breakfast food.

2. All calories are equal


Many people don’t believe that different foods measure differently. All of them have different calorie, fat and protein contents in them. So, it’s a crime to treat all calories the same.

3. Eating less is the key to losing weight

Many people believe that one of the easiest ways to lose weight is to starve yourself. But, what people don’t know is that starving not only has an impact on your body weight but also on your skin texture. Your skin will turn pale and loose if you fast yourself for weight loss.

4. Exercise on an empty stomach

This is completely absurd. It’s like a torture to your body. You shouldn’t exercise on an empty stomach. You need to fuel your body with some healthy pre-workout foods to see best results and to get most energy.

5. Losing weight fast will lead to weight gain later


It is also said that if you lose weight too quickly then you are bound to gain all of the weight back and that too very soon. It is a fear in the mind of the people. If you maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep focussing on your eating habits etc, you would not gain weight.

6. You need to be strict to your weight loss routine

Of course, you should be stringent and regular with your weight loss regimen. But don’t forget to pay heeds to your body needs. Take proper rest, sleep well and treat yourself to cheat meals every once in a while.

7. Diet soda is better than normal soda

It has been proven that diet sodas are as high in sugar content as normal sodas. Such sodas too lead to bloating, increase health issues and impact your brain too. Hence, they don’t really do anything for weight loss.

8. It’s all about genetics

It is absolutely wrong. Of course, your genetics play a major role but it’s your lifestyle and you which actually determine your body weight. So, don’t blame your genetics and start taking good care of yourself. Start building up a healthy lifestyle and take medical help if necessary.

9. Milk is the perfect food


Dairy foods are not 100% perfect. They are loaded with fats. Milk is known to cause a number of skin irritations too. It causes eczema, asthma and many other health complications.

10. Supplements are the sure shot way to lose weight

This is one of the most common and biggest lies about weight loss. Such supplements are not at all a healthy alternative if you are aiming for weight loss. It’s better that go exercise and focus on your diet.

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