10 Eyeliner Styles You Need to Try Right Now to Switch Up Your Look

By Srijita Poddar

Hi my lovely ladies,

How are you all doing? We girls love our eyeliners to the core. However, the same old eyeliner can get quite boring once in a while. And all you need is amp things up a bit. Sometimes we look for inspiration, which we shall give to you. You don’t have to look any further as here is a complete guide to the various eyeliner styles you can try this season.

10 Eyeliner Styles You Need to Try Right Now to Switch Up Your Look

⦁ Panda style eyeliner

panda eyeliner style
Even though we make fun of eye makeup that gets spoilt and spilled all over, panda eyes are actually the latest trend. It means having a thick smudged eyeliner covering the entire outline of your eye in a thick, shaded manner. It provides the ultimate sultry and glam look, and is a current runway favourite.

⦁ Soft smokey eyeliner

smudged smokey eyeliner

Smokey eyes just never seem to go out of fashion. However, a trend to try would be the soft, smoked out look. This eyeliner look consists of a soft thick upper line that joins the one below. The lower lash outline starts from the middle of the lower eyelid. This is the perfect party makeup to try.

⦁ Dramatic eyeliner

dramatic thick eyeliner

The name says it all for this eyeliner. It adds plenty of drama to your eyes and will be perfect for that special occasion where you are waiting to turn heads. It has a thick upper outline that in the corner of the eye splits into two long queues. The bottom line is on the waterline and is joined to the upper lashline, prolonging the shape of the eye.

⦁ Open wings eyeliner

Open wings eyeliner

Move over the same old boring winged eyeliner, the time has come when we up our style game and take it to the next level with the double winged liner. This dramatic look will surely make your eyes the talking point. Open wings comprise of double line – one on the upper eyelid and the lower is prolonged beyond the end of the eye, channelling out into two open wings.

⦁ Double mod eyeliner

Double mod eyeliner

This is one of the most dramatic looks for you to try. In this eyeliner technique, the upper line curves in an arc that goes from the outer corner of the eye to the line around the eyelid. The bottom line goes from the middle part of the eyelid opening downwards to the proximity of the end of the eye.

The Egyptian eyeliner

Egyptian eyeliner style

If you have come across any Egyptian painting or pottery, you will see that all the figurines of the Egyptian times had heavily lined eyes, and that is the makeup industry’s inspiration for this look. It follows the style of the ancient Egypt where the line on the lower eyelid ends curving upwards. The lower line is on both – the lash line and the waterline – and near the inner corner of the eye there is a downward curve. You can always wear this kind of eye makeup with all your ethnic outfits when you want your look to stand out.

⦁ Slept-in eyeliner

slept in eyeliner style

Once again an eyeliner that stays true to its name – the slept in smudge eyeliner is a very soft eye lining technique that looks like you slept off in the previous night’s makeup. In this look, on the upper eyelid, there will be a defined line. However in the middle of the lower eyelid, there will begin a very fuzzy line that ends up joining up with the upper corners of the outer eye. This is another one of those sultry party looks that will surely turn the heat back on.

⦁ Arabic eyeliner

arabic eyeliner style

Another eye lining trend that derives its name from folklore and history is the Arabic eyeliner. Remember Jasmine with her long drawn eyes? That is the kind of look you can achieve with the Arabic eyeliner. Here the line on the upper eyelid starts a few millimetres away from the inner corner of the eye. It also ends up way after your eyelid and joins with the lower line on the waterline of your eyes. Sport this look with a saree or anarkali, and watch the glam quotient reach its fullest.

⦁ Double flick eyeliner

Double flick eyeliner

This eye lining trend is similar to the winged eyeliner but it adds that extra bit of oomph by channelling two wings in the end. In this trend, you need to line the upper eyes in a thick and careful manner and it ends up doubling into two wings that bend upward adding that zing to your look.

Feline eyes

feline eyeliner with red lips

Another trend that has made a giant comeback is the feline eyes. It imitates cat eyes by elongating the eyes with the help of an eyeliner. All you need to do is create a single line on the upper eyelid that will start thickening gradually towards the outer corner and will finally end with a tip. Pair it with red puckers to have your makeup game on point.

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