10 Hairstyles to Look Like a Diva on Holidays!

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Do you love ticking out or writing ‘accomplished’ against places in your bucket list? I certainly do. And Rati di’s Australia trip makes me want to embark on a vacation right away. Do you also love to experiment with your looks? If yes, then here is a list of our favorite picks of holiday hairstyles that you should totally try to amp up your holiday look.

10 Hairstyles to Look Like a Diva on Holidays!

1. Crown braids

Crown braids are really having a moment. They are not so basic and super easy to do. Make two pigtails and braid each section. Next, pull one braid up and over your head and secure it with bobby pins. Repeat with the other one and voila!

2. Messy side braid

messy side braid
Side braids are my personal favorite. You can wear them to any occasion, with any outfit and they look super chic.

3. Top knot

It is one of the top picks for bad hair days and also comes to the rescue on days when you need to travel a lot. Just pull your hair into a top knot and you are good to go!

4. Beach waves

beach waves
This is perfect to achieve a sultry look. Just finish off with a salt spray to steer clear of frizz.

5. Multi-flip

Center-part your hair and pull back a narrow section from each temple to the nape. Secure with an elastic hairband. Flip the tail inward, through the V formed by the two strands. Repeat directly below more pairs of strands; secure and flip each pair. Make as many as you want.

6. Half and half

half bun
The half up-half down hairstyle has been sported by street style bloggers, celebrities on Red Carpet, and almost every style enthusiast. Take a section of hair from the top of your ears and pull it into a bun or a braid. The lower section remains loose.

7. Bedhead

Disheveled hair is chic and easy. Just grab a texturizing spray and add tease for some volume. It also helps you embrace flyaway hairs.

8. Low side bun

You can wear this hairstyle on a fancy or casual holiday party or even for a dinner with a special one!

9. Headband

Lazy girl hacks? Just place a beautiful head band or any hair accessory and get set go!

10. Ponytails

Yet another all-time favorite among stylish travelers, poufy or sleek, a ponytail can be paired with any outfit for a timeless classic look.

So next time you are on a holiday, do not forget to experiment with hairstyles and glam up your pictures. Stay beautiful.

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