10 Health Tips Using Water


Hi everyone, I have been giving QUICK TEN TIPS

Since my last article, and i hope you all are trying it.The following tips have been used by me and i have also advised my friends to do so.
Everything is related to Water[Ice]

  1. First and foremost thing to do in the morning is to drink atleast four to five glasses of water.if it is lukewarm water it is better.
  2. If you have an oily skin with pimples ,before even treating it find the source that is indigestion or constipation.To cure this problem, the very simple way is to wash your face frequently and drink lots of water.
  3. Have honey,lemon juice with lukewarm water in empty stomach.This will reduce your weight and keep you active whole day like a honeybee. ☺
  4. Keep ice cubes in a thin towel or handkerchief make a bundle and keep this pack on your face.If you do this before doing makeup,your makeup will stay longer and without sweating.
  5. While taking bath,add two to three drops of lemon juice to the water and take bath. Your body will be free from bad odour due to perspiration.
  6. As soon as you get up from your bed,before brushing splash water on your eyes .This makes your eyes fresh and it is good for your eyesight also.
  7. Always keep a table spoon inside the freezer so that whenever your eyes are tired ,keep the spoon on your eyes. This is especially good for people wearing contact lenses. This is very good for reddishness of the eyes.since our eyes are in the shape of the spoon itis easy.
  8. If you have a bad cold ,don’t let your cold spoil your day i have an instant remedy.Add pudina leaves,tulsi leaves and haldi powder to boiling water in a vessel and inhale it.this is a quick and instant relief for cold nasal block.
  9. If you have indigestion and gastric problems boil water by adding jeera,ajwain and a pinch of dry ginger powder and drink it .The water will be light yellow in colour.Another thing,if you have acidity problems avoid ginger powder.I prepare this water everyday and it clears our system aswell.So make it a habit.
  10. After a day’s of hardwork,we generally ignore our tired hands.So,give a mini spa treat to your fingers and palms by immersing it in a big bowl of warm water added with few drops of lemon juice.This will soften your fingers and will be ready for the next day.

Awaiting your response. 🙂


13 thoughts on “10 Health Tips Using Water

  1. Great tips… water is indeed a miracle cure for practically all problems… !

    Gia’s mom mam, i wanted to ask you one questions, many people suggest drinking a certain amount of water ( 3 litres a day or 8 glases a day) to have a glowing face, but theres also a certain section of people denying it – that you need water but that water is available in the foods you eat so you don’t really need to separately drink 8 glasses of water day. In your opinion, do you think drinking a certain amount of water really gives you a glowing skin?

    1. Hi Smitha,
      Constipation and Indigestion are main source of skin problems,It’s seen on one’s face when they have stomach problems.It’s a mirror of what’s in your stomach.
      So Water helps to Detoxify and also flushes all the impurities out.
      8 glasses of water is mandatory ,NOT AT ONCE 🙂 !
      During summer, due to sweat, we lose a lot of water from our body.
      Depends on what food you eat,
      if you eat French fries, burgers, ..there is hardly any water content in it.
      Watermelon and other fruits have a lot of water content 🙂

      1. Thanks 🙂 i didn’t know that indigestion n constipation showed on your face !! that is kind of a scary thought because i have an extremely sensitive stomach, every time i eat outside food, i get indigestion !!

  2. This is indeed useful and helpful…quick and easy.
    I do follow most of these myself. Just can’t live without my water bottle…
    I have never tried the spoon trick on the eyes…will try it out… 🙂

  3. I am wearing contact lenses and I will try this cold-spoon-treature :-))
    Actually am using (cold) camomilla tea bags to deoxidise my eyes.
    Thanks a lot for this suggestion 🙂

  4. Likn the tip for clearin nasal block.That is something i just cannot stand
    Will also try ajwain ginger water tip. 😀 😀
    thnank u 4 all the wondeful articles :yes: :yes: 😀 😀 :-))

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