10 Makeup Tips from Celebrity Makeup Artist Mario Dedivanovic

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You might have heard the name ‘Mario Dedivanovic’. He is Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist who has spent almost a decade in the beauty industry. His entry in this profession was a kind of coincidence but now he has successfully secured his place among the world’s best and the most prominent makeup artists. With the ability of creating a flawless face by makeup, he is known to bring ultimate transformation in your look by highlighting the best features of the face. In this post, you will get to know amazing makeup tips from Mario.

Mario Dedivanovic with Kim Kardashian

1. Do not apply foundation on the ‘under eye’ area – Mario suggests not to apply foundation near the under eye circles because it is considered to be the place for concealer. Instead of applying foundation, use a concealer and that too in an inverted triangle shape for an ultimate natural finish. You can use foundation on the remaining facial area afterwards.

beauty blender
2. Use a damp beauty blender after applying the foundation – the versatile makeup artist acknowledges a beauty blender as his best friend. As per Mario, a beauty blender is one of the most crucial beauty tools for the makeup professionals. He likes to settle the foundation after application on the skin with a slightly damp beauty blender.

3. Instead of using primers every time, use a soothing moisturizer – Mario considers makeup primers as one of the non-essential products on which women splurge a lot. He does not really prefers facial or eye primers; he instead uses a soothing moisturizer that makes your skin feel relaxed and makeup ready easily. Moisturizer sometimes performs as a healing agent for the skin, so as a pre-makeup product, nothing is better than a moisturizer.

makeup brushes and shampoo
4. Use tea tree oil and baby shampoo to clean makeup brushes – cleaning your make brushes after a fixed span of time is as essential as buying right makeup and beauty products. He recommends using the baby shampoo and tea tree oil to clean the brushes used during makeup.

5. Use two shades to fill your brows ideally – brow-filling is very popular among makeup lovers. Mario uses two shades to fill the brows. He suggests using a lighter shade pencil for the inner corners and a darker shade to fill the outer corner of eye brow. There should not be much difference between the shades of pencils for filling inner and outer corner.

6. Apply eyeliner in at least three steps – first apply and smudge the brown pencil over your lids, then take a black pencil and line your upper lash line. Give a final touch to your eyes with the liquid eyeliner.

7. Keep breathing deeply while applying makeup – in order to prevent eye-watering during makeup, girls should deep breathe or even breathe with mouth. Eye-watering while applying makeup is common, so this will surely help.

nose contouring
8. Nose contouring should be lighter than that of the entire face – the shade you have chosen for nose contouring should be lighter than that of the contouring for face. Do not use too much of contouring product especially on the nose.

9. First apply makeup and then go for hairdo – if you know that your hairdo will take less time than makeup, you must have your makeup first. After wearing makeup, you can go for your hairdo.

10. Foundation should be applied from head to toe (revealed portions of the body) – this tip is worth especially for parties. Foundations are made for skin… not only for face and neck. It should be applied to the skin which remains uncovered after wearing the outfit. You should apply foundation to the area near ears, feet, legs below the knees (if not covered), hands etc to achieve an even tone body.

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