Common Mistakes You Tend To Make While Applying Eyeliner

Applying eyeliner is an art known by very few of us, and the rest land down with some common mistakes while wearing eyeliners. Eyeliners helps to intensify the eye by making it more attractive and a single mistake while applying this, makes the eye and face look bad, dull, old and untidy.

Common Mistakes You Tend To Make While Applying Eyeliner

You may be shelling out enough of money to buy that best eyeliner available in the market but still you are not able to pull that perfect eye look. Not always you need an eye shadow to highlight your eyes; sometimes eyeliner works better and looks subtle on the face. However, there are few blunders that you may tend to do while wearing eye liners.

As it is said good eyeliner calls for a good practise, patience and precision and here’s how apply eyeliner perfectly by avoiding some minor mistakes.


1. Broad Lines

Not many but some among us tend to make the eyeliner look broad over your eye. Broad eyeliner looks heavy on your face and makes your eye look small. You should always try to pull a thin narrow line over your eye so that it looks good, light and subtle on your face. If you are unsure about the width of the liner, draw a thin line or dots over your eye, so that they can be joined latter.

2. Don’t Use Pencil That Is Too Dry

Common Mistakes You Tend To Make While Applying Eyeliner

Dry makeup products tend to break on your skin and if you want to get that perfect eyeliner, do not use a dry pencil on your eyes. It will start breaking on your skin and also doesn’t look good when applied. To check this, use the pencil on your hand first, so that you can get an estimate about the texture of the pencil. Dry pencil doesn’t last long; and also leaves skid marks behind.


3. Use Smudge Free Products

Choosing good eyeliner is a must. It is not always that price tag of the product speaks about the quality; besides the price factor you should know about the quality and effects that particular eyeliner gives. Smudge free eyeliners are good to purchase, as they stay put and can be used in any weather, throughout the year.

4. Gap Between Eyelashes And Liner

Some women tend to leave some gap between the eyelashes and eyeliner, you may not realize but, it is very easy to spot the gap in between especially if you are using a black or any dark colour liner. The gap is not all required in between; if you happen to spot any gap, fill it with the pencil or liquid eyeliner.

5. Sharpen Your Pencil

Pencils have a low maintenance which calls for a regular sharpening. You should always keep the pencil sharpened; this not only increases its shelf life but also helps to give you a perfect winged or a cat eye look. It becomes easy with a pointed pencil to shape the eye according to your preference and choice.


6. Staring The Mirror

Common Mistakes You Tend To Make While Applying Eyeliner

Some girls have a habit to look straight into mirror while applying the eyeliner. This is the wrong way, instead bend your eyes down and draw a narrow line on your eye. Once the rough line has been drawn you can fill them looking at the mirror straight. Staring the mirror tends to leave some gap between the eyelashes and eyeliner.

7. Eye Condition

Puffy eyes are condition when you have overslept a day or have spent a day in front of laptop or television. If you think the nearby eye areas are swollen or your eye looks puffy, you can relax them a bit by placing spoon over both the eye. This will help to reduce the puffy eye condition. If the condition remains the same, apply kajal on the lower rim of your eye and skip applying eyeliner for a day.

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  1. I look directly at mirror..:( but I have perfected the art of filling the gap but took me half of my life..:\ nice post!!

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