10 Stability Ball Exercises for a Full-Body Workout

By Chanchala Bose

The first day I entered the gym, I saw a big ball lying on the ground. So, I was really confused about it. I wondered how it could induce weight loss! But, after thorough research, I got to know that stability balls are highly effective and give you a good full-body workout. These balls are immensely beneficial workout equipments if you suffer from back injury too. So, let’s take a look at the 10 very effective exercises you can perform with a ball.
10 Stability Ball Exercises for a Full-Body Workout

1. Overhead squats

This one is just like the traditional squat but with a slight variation. Here, you need to keep your torso straight and lift your arms completely up while holding the stability ball. Try to stay in that position for a minute or two. Repeat 10-15 times.

2. Balance push-ups

push up
Did you know the other name of a stability ball is ‘balancing ball’? Well, here I will show you how. You might have seen normal push-ups, and might have done them also. Now, keep your body in a push-up position. Adjust the ball at the lower body section, just near your feet. Now, try to do the normal push-up. I know, at beginning it will definitely be difficult, but with time you will adapt to it.

3. Roll out

This one is meant for the arms and for your entire core area. Begin by kneeling behind the ball with your arms on the top. Now, slowly use your hands to push the ball forward. Continue this position till your triceps are resting on the top of your ball and your legs are extended with the knees on the ground.

4. Back extension

back extension
Rest your stomach and hips on the ball with your legs extended straight behind. You can hold on to the ball in order to balance yourself. Begin with 5 repetitions and try to reach up to 15 repititions.

5. V-sit with the ball

Sit on the ground with your ankles resting on the ball. Raise both your hands in an inclined position just parallel with your ankles. Now, gradually try to raise your torso so that you make a “V” position with your body.

6. Hands-off

Keep your face towards the ceiling with both arms and legs extended at the either side. Try to grab the ball just above your head with both the hands. Slowly, lift both your arms and legs. Try to transfer the ball between your hands and legs.

7. Knee tucks

knee tucks
Start with a normal push-up position and keep the ball at your ankles. Now, begin the exercise by bringing your knees and the ball towards your stomach area. This is one of the best exercises if you want to reduce that tummy flab.

8. Ski-step

Sit on the stability ball in the normal sitting position. Now, simultaneously swing your arms to the right and your legs to the left. Repeat the same in the opposite direction too.

9. Ball jog

Start by sitting on the ball. Keep your feet firm on the ground and your abs totally engaged. Now, jump on the ball (as high as possible). This will work for your entire body and tone your body within no time.

10. Standing push-ups

Very similar to the normal standing push-ups. Just one little variation. Keep the ball in front of your chest area with one end on the wall and other end at your upper body. Now, try the push up.

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