10 Tips to Pull off the Dark Lipstick Trend

By Chanchala Bose

The dark lipstick trend has become a rage this year and it is here to stay. You can see each and every beauty guru sporting this trend with elan. But are you not able to sport this trend gracefully? Then you must check out these superb 10 tips. Here is your guide to pull of the dark lipstick trend!


Choose the color as per your complexion


If you have a warm skin tone, like most Indian women, then plums and browns will suit you the best. And, if you belong to a cool skin tone, make deep dark reds your best friend.

Choose the brand wisely

Almost every brand is offering dark lip colors these days. But, choose your brand well. Go for more popular and promising brands so that you can get the right formula and shade in one lipstick. Dark lip colors from cheap brands will end up looking patchy and odd on the lips.

Know how to balance your look

This is a very important point. Once you start using dark lip colors, make sure you know how to wear the rest of your makeup. Try to keep the rest of your makeup simple and neutral with your dark lipsticks.

Lip liner is a necessity


Do not even think about applying your dark lipsticks without a beautiful lip liner. Lip liners add that perfect definition to the lips, making your lips appear fuller and sexier. Plus, they enhance the beauty of your lipsticks.

Prep your lips


Dark lip colors highlight the flaws of your lips very easily. Hence, you must prep your lips with a nice lip scrub and lip balm. Since dark lip colors look best during winters, it is essential that you take care of dry, flaky lips before applying your lipstick.

Application technique

Dark lipsticks generally stain a lot. So do not apply the lipstick directly with the bullet. Use a lip brush to apply your lipstick. It will not only apply your lipstick well but also will make it appear neat.

Concealer Usage


This is not a new trick and can be followed with every lipstick. Make your lipstick application appear neat and precise by using a concealer at the edges of your lips. This will also prevent your lipstick from bleeding.

Add a bit of colour

Dark lipsticks can look gloomy, hence you must add a nice hint of color with your blush. In fact, you can even add some glitter to your neutral eye makeup.

Define your features

Since dark lipsticks grab a lot of attention, make sure your other facial features look well-defined. So pay attention to contouring and groom your brows right.

Eye game


Big eyes look wonderful with dark, bold and vampy lipsticks. Hence, play with your eyes and use tricks to make them appear bigger.

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