Ear Makeup is the Latest Crazy Trend You Need to Try!

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Yes, you read it right. Ear makeup is the hottest trend right now. So after face, hair and body makeup, ear makeup is the latest fashion, garnering major attention of beauty bloggers and makeup geeks. In fact, it is a budget friendly yet unique makeup trend that can be created with products existing in your vanity kit. In this post, I will take you through some novel yet popular ear makeup trends and how to achieve perfect ear makeup.


How does one go about it?

Like with face makeup, start with well-cleansed ears. Prime your ears with a long staying primer that helps hold the makeup in place. Blend your foundation seamlessly with your face makeup, so that it doesn’t look out of place or patchy. Now dust a light setting powder before you start decorating your ears with motifs.

Tips to look trendy in ear makeup:


To rock the ear makeup look, you need to follow some ground rules. Besides a makeup that doesn’t look cakey and stays put, you need to coordinate your entire look to achieve a cool style. Right hairstyling is the key to showing off your ear makeup. Pixie cut, one sided bob, top not, high pony, French rolls and side swept sleek hair are preferred hairstyles to achieve the desired effect of the latest ear makeup. Also the choice of your earrings play a deciding factor: either go bare ears or wear simple studs or single chain long danglers. If you have multiple piercings, you can wear lightweight earrings in one or two and leave the others bare. The aim is to let your ear makeup show.

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Here are the most popular ear makeup ideas that you can try about:

Going glittery:


As again, this trend was brought to life on the runway by none other than fashion giant Louis Vuitton. LV models serenaded down the ramp with glitter dipped ear lobes. Don’t you think it’s a rather unique idea to use the shimmery eye shadows on your ear lobes and stand out in a crowd?

Full on metallic glamour:


Ear makeup was revolutionized by makeup artists showcasing their creativity. Metallic trend rocked like no other. From pure silver to stunning gold, half covered and dainty designs; metallic are ruling the world of ear makeup too.

Monochrome never goes wrong:

Stick to basics and let your ears do the talking. Be it graphic lines or crisscross designs, black and white add rock star chic vibes to your look. Steal inspiration from makeup instagrammers and let monochrome ears be the “it’ thing in your circle.

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