10 Best Products from MAC Cosmetics

I think when I started IMBB, one brand that I really wanted to try out was MAC. And once you try things from MAC, you go a bit crazy and then want to try everything else as well. 😛 It is hands down one of my favourite brands and no matter what I try to have in my collection I always have to have products from MAC in my kitty.
So let’s see some of the best picks from the brand.

1. Foundation : I always tell people to start with either foundation or a lipstick from MAC. You’d never get disappointed. They have a huge range not only in terms of variety but the shade range is highly impressive when it comes to MAC foundations. I always find them as great investments. Here are the ones to choose from :

MAC Studio Waterweight SPF 30 Foundation

2. Concealer : Just like the foundation, you have a variety of brilliant concealers to choose from MAC. They have a solution to cover up your under eye circles to the most natural looking daily wear concealers. Plus, they have a huge variety of shades to choose from that would beautifully blend with your skin tone.

MAC Matchmaster Concealer

3. Lipsticks : Once someone told me that once you start using MAC lipsticks, you feel that all the lipsticks that you have used till now were rubbish. 😛 Honestly, MAC lipsticks are an addiction. They have a hugggee selection in terms of colors and textures. The collection a little wonderland in itself.  Plus they have a lovely recycle policy – if you return 6 empty MAC containers, you get a free MAC lipstick in exchange. 🙂 Some fun posts on MAC lipsticks.


4. MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Powders : They come in two forms. Mineralise Skinfinish Natural are the face powders that look most natural on your skin and give a lovely light glow to the skin. You can also buy these powders in darker shades and use them as a bronzing powders. They look absolutely stunning. And another MAC Mineralise skin finish powders come in form of highlighters such a Soft & Gentle and Rose Quartz.

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish

5. MAC Eyeshadows : Whether you are a neutral eyeshadow lover or a colorful eyeshadow wearer, MAC got everything covered for you. All the colors and brilliant textures. Plus you can make your own custom palettes. Couldn’t get nicer than this. 😀
all mac eyeshadow swatches

6. MAC Powder Blushes : I absolutely adore blushes from MAC. They have gorgeous texture that not only feels good on the skin but looks natural. They are pigmented, long lasting and available in prettiest of shades. Check out our posts on these lovely little beauty pots! 😀

All MAC blush Swatches

7 . MAC Eye Kohls : If you are a fan of those smudgy effortless smokey eyes, MAC Eye Kohls are your friends. I have MAC Smolder Kohl in my kit all the time. A huge fan of their Feline Kohl has well but that comes only once in a while in MAC. Check out the colors!
MAC Eye Kohl - Teddy

8. MAC Fluidline : The very famous MAC Gel eyeliners. Worth every hype. And they are such a hit among people that MAC has lunched its fluidlines in pencil forms as well. What more! 🙂

9. MAC Brushes : The kind of quality that MAC Brushes offer is unbeatable. They have a huge range of brushes and telling from my experience they last you years if you take care of them. Even the brushes I purchased 4-5 years back are in good shape till today. 🙂

10. MAC Strobe Cream : Well strobing might have become an ‘IT’ thing now but MAC always had its strobing game on. One of my friend never uses a foundation. She just uses all over her face this for the most natural glow. Go figure!

It is hard for me not to mention the absolute gorgeous selection of MAC Lip glosses, MAC Lip PencilsMAC Brush Cleanser and MAC Fix Plus Spray

What are your most favourite MAC Products? 🙂

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25 thoughts on “10 Best Products from MAC Cosmetics

  1. Hi Rati,
    I use the studio finish pressed foundation ATM. Wanna switch to liquid ones. I have combo skin, mostly dry. Any suggestions? The studio finish powder one oxidises badly on my face though.

  2. Hey Rati,
    If i havent said so before, luvvv these posts of urs…Just a question. Which one of the foundations would you recommend for combi-oily skin in hot-humid climate?

  3. What a list! My favorite MAC products – MAC pro concealer palette, MAC eyeshadows, and MAC concealers, and of course, MAC lipsticks tops the list.

  4. I was just planning to go to MAC this weekend to give my very first try. This post is surely a boost to that plan!! 😉 I might just start with a foundation….. Thanks for this very timely post, Rati!! <3 <3 :-*

  5. Here comes our Makeup Mommy!!!! Just like we run to our moms for every petty thing, does not matter how old we are. I guess we refer to you for each and every small thing related to makeup. 🙂
    Loving these Top 10 posts of yours! Awesome work Rati. 🙂

  6. I lov lov lov u for this.. Pls do a similar post on high end brands like TF chanel ysl nars…. My first mac was ruby woo… N I hav loads of other shades now… ☺… Nothing like MAc foundation too… It’s true once u start using mac u don’t wanna use other brands…

  7. I m Big Mac fan I have mac mineralize skinfinish powder,mineralize foundation n lots of lipsticks from mac ,and they work wonder for my extreme dry skin ,only thing m looking for is good blush or highliter no idea what will go well with my extreme dry skin pls help

  8. MAC prolong wear..my HG Concealer. Love it. Love it !! Nothing has suited me better. I love their Mineralize powder too. ya this is a fab post..

  9. Hi , I was just planning to go to MAC this weekend . Pls give me advice for oily skin ad have pimples on my face .i feel very shy to go parties ad marriages.i want buy daily face cream ad necessary make up product. Thanks 😞

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