10 Indian Women Who Have Aged Beautifully

It is so difficult to retain your beauty and still be remembered for it particularly in bollywood where we easily forget beauties who enthralled us in their youth but lose their charm by the time they age. Very recently the famous and glamorous Mumtaz was reported saying that she doesn’t have any complaints from life except loneliness.

But there are many lovely women out there who have reversed the clock of time. Women who tell us that beauty indeed is skin deep and doesn’t necessarily get wrinkled with age, pollution and time.

We do see many ladies all around us who look amazingly simple yet beautiful in their sixties and beyond but here I have chosen women who have had a successful career and who are above fifty and who have spent lot of time in makeup, sun and sand – things that are known for deteriorating your skin in the long term. Read on and please let me know your opinion. I would be glad to hear from you and also let me know who is your first pick from the list.

1. Rekha – She emerged as the unanimous topper of the list. Born in 1954, she is almost 60 now but still looks like in her 30s. She won the national award for her role in the movie Umrao Jaan and also won Filmfare awards twice. If you have watched Silsila, you can not escape from falling in love with her ethereal beauty. This is a picture from one of her latest looks. Look at the picture below of two generations and you know why Rekha has topped the list.


2. Wahida Rehman – She was barely 16 when she was first spotted by Guru Dutt who then offered her a role in the cult movie Pyaasa. Though many say she was a reason of Guru Dutt’s separation from Geeta Bali (a subject I have read a lot on), but we will leave that aside and focus on her beauty only. She also won a national award for her movie Reshma aur Shera and won Filmfare best actress award twice. Watch her in the movie Rang De Basanti where she looked elegant.

Waheeda rehman

3. Hema Malini – Oh my god! She is real beauty I must say. I could never understand what Lalu Prasad had once claimed about Bihar’s roads. He had said, ‘Bihar ka sadak aisa hai jaisa Hema Malini ka gaal’. And now when I am in 30s struggling to get an even tone, glowing skin I totally know what he meant. She is 64 but still looks much prettier and more beautiful than her young daughters. No wonder she is still the dream girl and she, along with Amitabh Bachchan, won the award for the best onscreen couple for the movie Baghbaan.

hema malini

4. Sridevi – Okay, she is not 50 yet but I have still included her in the list because this August she enters in her 50s. And I will not write much about her as we all know what a legend Sridevi has been. I loved her in Mr. India, Chandini and Sadma. But today whenever I see her in the ad for Vanish, I always exclaim ‘what a beauty!’

5. Nafisa Ali – Yeah, she is not from Bollywood, main Bollywood I mean. But when I watched her in the movie ‘Life in a metro’, I was head over heels over her simple, broad smile. Many may not know that she was a Miss Indian in 1976 and runners up in Miss International contest.

Nafisa Ali

6. Neetu Singh – Indeed she was not too famous for her beauty in her younger years but now she looks classy. She along with her husband Rishi Kapoor won the award for the Best onscreen chemistry in the movie Do Dooni Chaar. Her clean face and glowing skin speak for her beauty. And would you believe if I tell you that she is 54!

Neetu Singh

7. Sonia Gandhi – I am ready for brick bats, if any. But I am a fan of this woman. No, not for her political sense but for the woman she is. Dignified, classy, elegant and graceful. She is from Italy, a country known for handsome hunks and not-so-good looking women, but she definitely gets my vote on beautiful women. She is above 65 and still would make many of us go into inferiority complex.

8. Sheila Dixit and JayaLalitha – Just like Sonia Gandhi, I am also quite impressed with Ms. Sheila Dixit. And no, I am not a supporter of congress. I dont support any political party but I do like some of our able politicians. She is 75 years old and still walks with a grace and class that we can hardly match up with. I would be more than delighted if I look as graceful and beautiful as her even as I walk on my 50s or 60s. And Jayalalitha, a former film actress, is glamorous even at the age of 65.

Sheila Dixit

9. Sharmila Tagore – This 65 year old woman was a trend setter in her twenties. She was among the first women to wear a bikini on Indian Cinema. The dashing Nawab Pataudi didn’t fall in love with her for nothing. She was awarded the national award for best actress for her movie Mausam. She was surely beautiful in her latest movie ‘Eklavya’.

sharmila Tagore
10. Jayaprada – What honor can be greater than that of being called as the most beautiful woman by Satyajit Ray? Jayaprada, 50, has had the honor. An active politician, she still looks breathtakingly lovely.


I am sure I may have missed many beauties, so please be kind to list them in the comments. The above list is an ode to the women who are my inspiration as far as beauty goes.

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50 thoughts on “10 Indian Women Who Have Aged Beautifully

  1. pretty interesting list. While i am not a great fan of Sridevi today simply becos it looks like a nose job gone wrong, i loved Sridevi in Chandni and Mr India and Chaalbaaz. For me in your list, Waheedha rehman, Neetu Singh and Sharmila tagore top the list simply because though the wrinkles are there (age gracefully part), the grace and elegance simply oozes out. This list could have been done without Sonia Gandhi (no personal agenda here) only because I think she looks really manly 🙂 🙂

  2. I grew up thinking Jayaprada was the prettiest lady ever and my mom and aunts often discussed about her because she was infamous for her depression and suicidal tendency, making news every once in while, in south where she is followed religiously. I think Jayaprada, Sridevi and Hema Malini are my top pick. Great article Surabhi ! I would also like to add Zarina Wahab, Southern actresses Suhasini and Geetha and CPM’s Brinda Karat to the list.

      1. lol I don’t know why but whenever I see Rekha, the song Mrs. Robinson plays in my mind, you know The Graduate right.. Maybe its just cause she’s such a gorgeous old lady

        1. he he he.. oh yeah.. Mrs Robinson.. a glamorous woman and a fantastic movie it was.. and you know till some time back my caller tune was the sound of silence from that movie. It is said to be the best song ever made in Hollywood..

  3. You know that Sridevi and Rekha have had more than couple of plastic surgeries ? Especially Sridevi. Untouched ones are probably Nafisa ali and waheeda rehman and to some extent Sharmila Tagore. The post could have been on how they have maintained their bodies and weight and not about beauty. Because that is where all the hardwork is ….ergo even with liposuction !

      1. And Hema malini is famous for Botox. Rekha is just gaudy. Period. I agree with Zee Bee that the post should not have been about their beauty

  4. Nafisa ali and sheila dixit look so elegant and classy.. all the time. In their crisp sarees and minimal makeup and jewelry. So so dignified!

  5. I guess it would be Nafisa Ali for the sheer naturalness of her beauty, most of the remaining ones who look comparatively young like Rekha, Hema Malini, and Sridevi are known to be Bot*x queens. And yes Waheeda Rehman and Sharmila Tagore have aged but gracefully.

      1. I would have also included Parveen Babi in the list had she been alive! The woman was gorgeous!
        And yes Lillette Dubey is also on my list 🙂

  6. Nasifa ali and sharamila are real graceful and elegant ladies ….abt sonia gandhi ..she “Indian bahu” ..how come she here..she is Italian…

  7. hey, nice compilation surabhi… I’d like to add Kirron Kher to the list, and Shobha De too… the way these ladies speak, the way they walk, the way they carry themselves, is all so beautiful!! i adore Kirron Kher for her style..and when she talks, her facial expressions are to die for!

  8. Great post Surabhi! My faves are Nafisa Ali and Waheeda Rehman. The only one who I think doesn’t deserve her place here as much as the other ladies is Sridevi. Seriously, she’s just a case of many a cosmetic surgeries gone wrong. That weird forehead, plastic nose and frozen expression(botox?) just don’t do it for me. But you have to hand it to her that she has an amazing figure.

  9. Hmmm, I dont actually agree with the entire list. Being graceful cant be coupled with dirty politicians and dont necessarily signifies beauty.Kiran Bedi, Asha Bhonsle, Lata Mangeshkar, etc are way more graceful than dirty polities. But anyways nice attempt 🙂

  10. Okay! Not that I am trying to clarify something here but I am laying down my point of view:

    1. About surgeries – I dont think I mentioned the word ‘natural’ anywhere in the post. I simply called them beautiful. And you pick any list from any magazine in the world – they just list women on the terms of beauty. I dont think those intellectuals who prepare the lists actually keep botox surgeries in mind! So, even though many of you have raised questions about botox surgeries, but I personally dont take it otherwise. You get a surgery done or not, what matters is you look beautiful in your old age. And I also dont agree that if one gets a face lift up or liposuction, then she is not eligible to be called beautiful!!!

    2. About politics – well if we women think about politics as dirty, then I doubt if India can any time have a woman politician. Sonia Gandhi gave up the position of being the PM of India at the time of MMS’s first tenure and silenced the entire nation. Sheila Dixit is said to be the most efficient CM Delhi has ever had and that is the reason she has been elected more than twice consequently. Yeah, Jayalalitha can be exluded but I think she has a young glow on her face despite the fact that she is obese.

    3. Personal choice is always welcome. Beauty has different parameters. So, what is pretty for me may not be pretty for everyone and keeping this in mind, your choices and comments on this post are more than welcome.

  11. Nice post Surabhi!

    For me Sharmila Tagore, Waheeda Rehman, Hemamalini top the list of aging gracefully…next come Rekha, Sridevi and Jayaprada…I am loving Neetu Kapoor these days..she was beautiful even when young…but looks more graceful now and it definitely adds to her beauty…also Neeta Ambani is worth a mention

    Nafisa Ali is a natural beauty…
    I believe Hamamalini is not a botox beauty..it’s her lifestyle that keeps her glowing…
    Dimple Kapadia is missing in the list…not sure of her age though

  12. Another lady worth a mention is Zeenth Aman…
    Down south there are quite a few…Sumalatha,Suhasini,Jayasuda and the Radha of ‘Sangam’ Vyjayanthimala…

  13. great compilation! I think dimple kapadia has done rather well for herself. Tina Munim still looks good but does not dress in an age appropriate manner. Shobha De never seems to age. And I think Sarika, the actress from Karz and ex wife of Kamal Hassan(they did split up, right?) still looks very, very stunning, I would say even better than when she was young.

  14. Yaaa…Sarika, Shobha De…I’m with Amrita!

    Sridevi…hmmmm I’ve seen her in real life (she comes with her hubby to our hospital) and she’s painfully thin. Honestly I mean sukdiiiii…….like a stick she is. Quite an eyesore that thinness is, if you ask me.

    Rekha and Hema Malini owe a lot to botox…lot

    Nafisa Ali, Waheeda Rehman, Sharmila Tagore, yes beauty, class, elegance…..

  15. Great article! however sorry to point out that Gudu Dutt separated from “Geeta Dutt” the famous singer and not Geeta Bali who was Shammi Kapoor’s wife 🙂

  16. Surabhi.. you had covered almost every beautiful ladies.. but i have only one contrary point, i dont agree with SREEDEVI being aging gracefully. Rather I felt she is still struggling competing with her daughters. She is so much of plastic..!!she was a legend in her times but now..i guess she need to grow up and accept her body and looks just like Rekha, hemamalini..!:):)

  17. Great article, Surabhi! I am a big fan of Sharmila Tagore mainly because I loved her choice of films and her attitude at a time when most Hindi film heroines were all about stereotypical roles and behaviour. Not a big fan of Sridevi though. Anyone can be beautiful if they get 97874 surgeries done on every imaginable facial feature. I am not against her Botox per se. Look at Hema Malini. She looks gorgeous with her Botox jobs but Sridevi has got one too many injections of that stuff and can’t even smile without looking like she’s in pain.
    I also love Waheeda Rahman. She looked so graceful in Delhi-6 despite the fact that she was supposed to be chronically ill in the role. And I love the fact that you have added Sonia Gandhi. Keeping all political opinions aside, I just like the woman for being so elegant. Even if you are an absolute Congress/Italy hater, you still can’t deny that the woman has got class.

    I think Madhuri Dixit also deserves to be in this list (she’s nearly 50, no?). Shabana Azmi, Kitu Gidwani and Lilette Dubey are also amazingly beautiful for their age.

  18. nice post………another ageless beauty was maharani gayatri devi…..she looked so beautiful even in her 80’s….

  19. nice post surbhi…if you want to add people on da basis of their achievment like you said mrs gandhi and dixit, then there is an endless list of beauty wit brains..
    Secondly mrs gandhi did not left the PM’s post bcoz of her inner conscience… Its bcoz that the italian law does not allows her to do so. In simple words the law states that in Italy no outsider can occupy any political post and the same law applied to every Italian citizen settled outside Italy that he or she can not undertake part in rulling any other country… I thought this info was necessary as it’s hardly known..

  20. I think Nafisa, Neetu and Sharmila would top the list. Although Rekha could also top the list. Sridevi is absolutely plastic. Hema Malini has done botox. Can’t comment about Rekha and the others.

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