15 Must-Have Makeup Products Pros Always Carry in their Bag

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Hope you all are doing great. 😉 We all carry cosmetics along with us all the time in our bags, right? Constant touch-up is also necessary to keep our makeup in place. Therefore, I’ll be listing 15 beauty essentials that even makeup pros always carry in their bags to make their makeup look om point all the time.

15 Must-Have Makeup Products Pros Always Carry in their Bag

1. Moisturising Sunscreen

Most women avoid using sunscreens even after being aware of the important role they play in our skin care regimen. Applying sunscreen prevents the damage caused to the skin by harmful sun rays. I would suggest everyone to carry a sunscreen all the time and to apply it every 4-5 hours. Moisturising your skin is extremely important too. To get maximum effects in lesser efforts, opt for a moisturising sunscreen.

2. Primer

blur primer for makeup

Whether you layer your primer up with a foundation or not, a primer is necessary. A good primer hides pores and makes skin look flawless for hours. These days, you can get primers to combat various skin issues too, so choose the one you desire. Also, it goes without saying, a primer will make your makeup stay in place all day long.

3. BB Cream or Tinted Moisturizer

For our day to day life, it is better to use a BB cream or a tinted moisturiser. These are lightweight, provide decent coverage and make you skin glow.

4. Pressed Powder

pressed powder for all skin tones

Our skin can get oily frequently during the day; therefore it is essential to carry a compact powder along with you all the time. Applying a compact powder will help you get rid of the oily skin, make your skin look brighter and touch-up your base makeup too.

5. Foundation

makeup bag foundation

If you are very particular about the coverage, a foundation in your bag is must. Carry one for touch-ups. You can use it also if you’ll be heading to a party later in the evening.

6. Concealer

Concealer is one beauty essential that must be present in every woman’s bag. Concealer helps us to hide all the flaws on our skin making it look flawless. Apart from hiding those dark circles and spots, it can add certain glow to your face too.

7. Lipsticks

must-have lipsticks for touch up

Lipstick tends to fade away after 3-4 hours or even after we have our meals. Therefore, it is essential to carry your lipstick as well as your lip liner along with you all the time for a quick touch up.

8. Lip Gloss

For all those times you want to keep it simple or you just want to moisturise your lips, keeping a tinted lip gloss will always help. Therefore, it is extremely important to carry a lip gloss with you all the time. A lip gloss can amp up your look for the evening too.

9. Kajal

Kajal makes our eyes look more defined but somehow kajal tends to fade away after some time. Therefore it is necessary to carry a kajal along with you for reapplication whenever necessary.

10. Eyeliner

eyeliners to carry in bag

Eyeliner is an important cosmetic that should always be carried along in any makeup pro’s bag. Eyeliner should be reapplied if it fades away or becomes lighter as faded eyeliner doesn’t look good. Again, these will make you look more attractive in after-office hours.

11. Mascara

Mascara helps to define your eyelashes and makes your eye makeup look complete. Therefore, it is extremely important to carry a waterproof mascara along with you in your bag all the time. When you are not in mood for any other makeup product, just one mascara can make your eyes look attractive.

12. Brow Pencil

A brow pencil helps you define your eyebrows and also makes them look thicker and fuller. Well-groomed eyebrows always catch everyone’s attention, so don’t forget this one.

13) Makeup Brushes

travel brush set

Makeup brushes and makeup sponges are extremely helpful while reapplying your makeup or even for a quick touch up. Invest in travel sizes of brushes and sponges and keep them i your bag always.

14. Blush

beautiful blushes to keep in bag

A blush should always be carried by a makeup pro all the time. A powder blush helps your cheekbones look sculpted and more defined, therefore it is important to carry a blush. Pick a shade that goes well with all of your outfits/

15) Makeup Remover Wipes

For touch-ups and for removal – you need to own makeup wipes. Whether you wear makeup or not, keep these in your bag. You can quickly cleanse your skin and remove makeup with these in your bag anytime you wish.

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