15 Skin Lightening Agents from Your Kitchen

15 Skin Lightening Agents from Your Kitchen

Today I am talking about some tried and tested affordable skin lightening products right from your kitchen, if followed religiously over a period of time, these will ensure your skin tone is lighter and even, This post is more like a page where I would want all the ingredients that work great for me, listed at one place, so I can pick and choose something on a dull skin day, whip up a face pack and voila!

15 Skin Lightening Agents from Your Kitchen


I swear by grated cucumber applied on the face on a hot summer day.



WE all have used it in some form, my fav is to mix it with yogurt and kesar milk.

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A pinch of turmeric in raw milk to be used as a cleanser daily to see the results.


Raw Milk

Some people say this makes skin hairy 😛 but this works best used daily to remove dirt off the face after a long day.


Again, used as a cleanser this is an excellent bleach.


Like I said, I soak it in milk, mix with yogurt and besan and apply for 15 mins.



Grated potato on the face till it darkens, this works a potent bleach.



Dry skin can apply it directly as well, and others mix with your fav ingredients in your packs.


Rice powder

Best works mixed with yogurt and used as a scrub.



Rub tomato slices on the face for a bleaching effect and for reducing pore size.



Works best when added to masks, but dry skin can use it as a moisturiser as well and wipe off after 15 mins.


Egg white

Japanese swear by egg white masks, this is perfect for lightening and skin tightening.



Add a few drops to your pack or rub a slice directly, sensitive skin be careful.

Aloe vera

Apply the gel directly, works wonders.



Powdered or rolled, mix them with packs or use it as a scrub, so useful to have in the kitchen.

Papaya and milk powder work for some but not for me.

So ladies which of these works best for you? 🙂


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  2. Wahhhhhhh i wanted this *happy dance* *happy dance* mujhe aur gora ban na hai rofl have used many of these things but i used to skip it for some days *headbang* now will try a certain ingredient on daily basis *pompom*

  3. sooo much needed post!! 🙂 currently m using a mixture of lots of stuff i hve oats, powdered masoor dal, sugar, coffee, milk powder i hve mixed it all n kept it in my bathroom along wid sum oil wen i go for bath i squeeze lemon juice nd add sum oil n mix it n apply it, it works!! 😀 🙂

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