Top 15 Homemade Face Toner Recipes

Top 15 Homemade Face Toner Recipes

A homemade face toner takes care of your beauty needs in an effective and inexpensive way. Apart from removing extra oil, refreshing your skin and restoring the natural ph balance of your skin, homemade face toners help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and at the same time, recover your skin tone. Cleansing should essentially be followed with toning. However, most of the toners in the market are pricey and may contain ingredients which you wouldn’t quite like to use on your face. That is why, the best thing is to make homemade face toner with any of the top 15 easy recipes which would be disclosed in this article.

Top 15 Homemade Face Toner Recipes
1. Mint toner- Boil a liter water and add a handful of mint leaves. Wait for 10 minutes. Now, strain the liquid and allow it to cool. Store it in a refrigerator. Use it with a cotton pad to wipe your face.
2. Camphor-Rosewater toner- Take a bottle of rosewater and add a dash of camphor to it. Use the toner several times a day to treat acne-prone skin.
3. Tomato-lime toner- Mix a few drops of lime juice with a spoon of tomato juice. Use it as a toner to shrink large facial pores.
tomato lime toner
4. Green tea toner- Prepare green tea liquor by boiling green tea in water. Wait for 10 minutes. Let it cool and use it as a toner to get clean and soft skin.
5. Lemon juice toner- Add a spoon of lemon juice to two spoons of water. Use it as a toner for controlling excess oil secretion and also to lighten your complexion, naturally.
6. Chamomile toner- Steep a chamomile tea bag in a cup of water for about 10 minutes. Let it cool and it is going to make a fantastic toner.
7. Glycerin-Alum toner- Add a pinch of alum to 100 gm glycerin. Mix four spoons of rosewater in it. Shake well and store in refrigerator. This toner is wonderful for regular use, especially for dry skin.
8. Vinegar-Rosewater toner- Take a spoon of vinegar and a spoon of rosewater. Mix well. Use it on your face to tone your skin. It is great for oily skin types.
9. Basil leaves toner- Two spoons of basil leaves can be brewed in a cup of boiling water and then allowed to cool for preparing the basil toner. Use it twice a day to get amazing results.
10. Coconut water toner- There is no hassle involved in the preparation. Just wipe your face with pure coconut water. It tones your skin, treats dark spots and nourishes the skin too. It is great for all skin types, especially for normal and dry skin.
11. Witch hazel toner- Take about 100 ml witch hazel. Now, depending upon your needs, choose the essential oil (about 10 to 15 drops) to suit you. You may add patchouli oil if you want to get a soothing and pore-tightening effect. For matured dry skin type, you can opt for Rose Otto essential oil. To combat wrinkles and to improve the elasticity of skin, you may wish to add carrot seed essential oil.
apple cider vinegar toner
12. Apple cider vinegar-cucumber toner- Mix the juice of a cucumber with half a cup of apple cider vinegar. Apply on your face with cotton to get glowing and refreshed skin.
13. Essential oils toner for normal to dry skin- Add a drop of geranium essential oil and a drop of chamomile essential oil to 100 ml rose water. Use it as a toner for normal to dry skin.
14. Essential oils toner for oily skin- Add six drops of lavender oil, four drops of tea tree oil and three drops of sandalwood oil to 50 ml of distilled water. Store it in a spray bottle and shake it well before you use it on cleansed skin.
15. Vodka-watermelon toner- Mix 3 spoons of watermelon juice with a spoon of vodka. Add three spoons of water. Apply the toner on your skin and wait for 15 minutes. Unlike most other toners, it is better to wash off the mixture after that.

With these easy homemade facial toner recipes, taking care of your skin is going to be so much easier!

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