Pond’s White Beauty Peel-Off Instant Brightening Mask

Pond’s White Beauty Peel-Off Instant Brightening Mask

Hey Ladies,

I recently bought this Pond’s brightening mask as my face has tanned to a great extent and I wanted something to lighten it. So, when at my local store, I could not resist buying this. I have always used peel-off masks to remove my blackheads, but this was the first time I was using a brightening peel-off mask.

Pond’s White Beauty Peel Off Instant Brightening Mask

Price and Quantity:

Rs. 99/- for 50 gm.

Shelf Life:

18 months.

Product Description:

  • Transforms skin for that perfect glow.
  • In just one application, its Vita-active Boosters and unique peel-of action.
  • Lifts away accumulated dark, dead cells and impurities.
  • Reveals your fairer skin instantly.

Ingredients and How To Apply:


My Experience with Pond’s White Beauty Peel-Off Instant Brightening Mask:

When I first opened the tube and tried to squeeze the gel out of it, I could see that the quantity of the peel-off gel in the tube was very less than I expected it to be! I was disappointed.  The peel-off gel is very thick and when I had applied it on my face, I was finding it very difficult to spread the gel.  I had to keep using more of it.  The moment I applied the mask, there was a blast of fragrance from the gel which is very strong, but it lasts only for the initial 10-15 seconds. So, this far, I was not all that impressed by the product at all.

peel off

Then, after waiting for a good 20 minutes, I went ahead to peel-off.  I was praying for it to actually work.  While removing the mask, I noticed that the peel-off is very flimsy and not tight on the skin. So, the ones with sensitive skin can use this. After removing the peel, I did not see much change on my skin.  It looked a bit whiter, but not fairer. It did not pull out any blackheads, but my skin did glow after using this, but that glow lasts for only an hour or so. The whole peel-off does not make sense as it very thin and does not stick to the skin.  It can come off with just washing the face with water.

What I Like about Pond’s White Beauty Peel-Off Instant Brightening Mask:

  • Made my skin smoother.
  • Made my skin glow.
  • Balanced the moisture on my face.
  • Leaves a nice pleasant fragrance after the peel off.

What I Did Not Like about Pond’s White Beauty Peel-Off Instant Brightening Mask:

  • Did not brighten my skin.
  • Did not pull away dead skin.
  • Showed no effect on blackheads, not even a bit.
  • Have to use a lot of amount for the entire face, so the mask would last for only 3-4 peels.
  • Does not spread easily as it is very thick but its adhesive properties for being peel off is very below average.

Will I Purchase Pond’s White Beauty Peel-Off Instant Brightening Mask Again?

I do not think I will buy this product again. The product has been a disappointment to me.

Here’s a simple tip for making a brightening face pack at home:

Take 1 teaspoon of gelatine powder/crystals and 1- 1/2 teaspoon of milk in a bowl and microwave it for 10-12 seconds and apply it on face, keep it for 20 minutes and peel-off. Helps in getting rid of blackheads, dead skin, facial hair (do not worry).  This also brightens the skin. This is an effective and cheaper alternative than going and getting a clean-up done. Try it, you might like it 🙂 works for me!!

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26 thoughts on “Pond’s White Beauty Peel-Off Instant Brightening Mask

  1. Good review Karishma..the product really doesn’t sound promising…however I am surely gonna try your tip!! 😀 :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  2. same thing happens when ponds flawless white facewash is used.. gives instant brightness that stays for an hour or so,, :drool: nothing else.. nicely reviewed.. loved ur last tip.. btw, where can we get gelatin? Is the same one used for preparing ice cream?? 😉

  3. Never heard @ gelatin on face & sounds totally promising as peel-off..gotta try it ASAP as I love to peel off…ajeeb si khushi I get in that.. :toothygrin: Have tried Everyuth which peels off xcellently but does simply nuthing & Himalaya becomes all messy..neither-washable-nor-peelable after drying.. :yuck:

  4. Thank you for this review, Karishma! 😀 :woot: I was wondering if I should buy this product or not. Glad I decided to wait until a review appeared on IMBB. :toothygrin: Not buying it now. :spank:
    Great DIY tip too! Where do you get gelatin? At a pharmacist’s?

  5. Not buying then 😛 Maybe i should give that new neutrogena mask a try 😀 and thanks for the tip – i`ll definitely try it :yahoo:

  6. Just yesterday me n my girlfriends were thinking to give this a shot..thnx for the review Karishma we’ll stay away 🙂 will try your gelatin tip may be ..thnx :))

  7. Thank you for this review. I had been thinking of trying this product, after seeing its ad. on TV, but won’t now. I didn’t know that it contained Parabens. Thanks for sharing tip about the home-made face pack.

  8. 🙂 Thank you guys!!!! <3.. 🙂 the gelatin pack works really well.. But dnt use it if you have a acne.. Avoid those areas.. Peeling this off might hurt you a bit.. And dnt rip it off especially in the nose areas.. Slowly pull it off.. And if u have really sensitive skin.. Avoid it..

  9. The best part is after you peel it you can see the blackheads and facial hair and all that dead skin on it.. You realise how much of crap was on your face before :O :yuck: and yes another thing do not use flavored gelatin okay!!! :yikes:

  10. hey, thank u for ur tip 🙂
    i have oily skin. Is there any problem in tryin ur homemade face pack on ma skin?

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